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Awesome / The Alloy of Law

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  • Harmony/Sazed: "I have done something to help. I sent you." You can practically hear the swelling music in the background. That it's quickly followed by a He's Back! moment wearing a Badass Longcoat just adds to it.
    • This scene just underscores how awesome Wax is. Just imagine, in the middle of a fight, in your darkest hour as you lie bleeding and wounded behind cover, with no weapons, you desperately appeal to your god for help. Then that god chooses to personally talk to you and makes it clear that you don't need divine intervention to solve your problem. You ARE the divine intervention.
    • And Haromny/Sazed did actually help, by making sure Wax's trunk with his old weapons and mistcoat was accessible at the very moment he needed it. And, it's implied, through the mists.
  • The fact that Sazed/Harmony's muted sense of humour has survived an ascension to godhood and three hundred years, when Shardholders are in serious danger of having their personality subsumed. "You're welcome, the voice whispered."
  • The entire fight at the wedding dinner. Two guys killed or drove away 40 thugs. And the would be victims all survived (barring the first) with minor injuries.
  • Wayne engineers House Tekiel into launching the Breaknaught with Wax locked inside by impersonating three different people in rapid the same person, who never suspects any connection.
  • At the end of the book, Wax confronts the villain, and has to let him go. In anger, Wax sweeps everything on the table to the ground. And then we get this exchange, a few moments later, between Wax and Wayne:
    Wayne: What's that?
    Wax: My uncle's pocket book, filled with appointments and notes.
    Wayne: How'd you take it? Shoulder bump?
    Wax: Table sweep.
  • During the final confrontation, Miles has all but defeated Wax, and is viciously beating him although that was All Part Of The Plan. Marasi then comes out of her hiding place and confronts him, telling him that Wax is still a far better man. When Miles argues that Wax is being beaten to a pulp, she delivers that answer that turns into a Badass Boast
    Marasi: The greatest of men can be taken down by the simplest of things. A lowly bullet can end the life of the most powerful, most capable, most secure of men.
    Miles: Not me. Bullets are nothing to me.
    Marasi: No. You'll be brought down by something even more lowly.
    Miles: Which is?
    Marasi: Me.
  • Wax twinborn combo is also pretty powerful and impressive, considering that one power lets him push against any metal by throwing his weight at it, and the other to maniuplate his weight. Through the whole book, he displays a fairly impressive cunning in using them to create various tricks, but at one time he uses his power to its fullest by tapping all the weight stored in the metalminds and flaring Steel at the same time. The result? He basically crushes a building.