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Awesome / The Bands of Mourning

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  • Anything to do with the Bands of Mourning.
    • First: Both Marasi and Wax deducing the double fakeout, and realizing that the Bands are actually the speartip on the statue in front of the temple, which they thought was aluminum.
    • The first time the Bands are used, Marasi taps so much speed she leaves behind a vacuum. Then she throttles back on the speed and merely creates a sonic boom.
    • The coin Hoid gave Wax turns out to be a copper metalmind (with nicrosil so anyone can use it), containing a memory of when the Southerners' Sovereign first came to them. Wax sees some distinctive scars on the Sovereign's wrists, and hears the single word he spoke to the elders:
      Kelsier: Survive.
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  • Wayne conquers his fear of guns through The Power of Hate, and shoots Telsin.

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