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Fridge Brilliance

  • The Bands being made by Kelsier rather than the Lord Ruler is foreshadowed as early as the 4th chapter. After all, why would a hidden temple allegedly storing the bracers of the Lord Ruler have murals that contained spears as central and important imagery? For that matter, why would a statue of the Lord Ruler be holding a spear, when 1) that image didn't become iconic until after his death, and 2) even when it was, it was linked to either Vin or Kelsier? And whose religion is very heavy on spear iconograhpy?
  • Southern climate:
    • The fact that the southerners' homeland froze solid when the world was healed seems like a bit of an exaggeration, until you realize that without the Ashmounts to protect them, the only place on Scadrial's southern hemisphere cool enough for human life would be the equivalent of Antarctica.
    • Not only that, but we know that when Sazed healed the world, he restored the proper climates.
    • A human body will go into hypothermia if its core temperature drops below about 90 degrees Fahrenheit. 70 degrees Fahrenheit would be t-shirt-and-shorts weather for a normal human, but it could still be lethal to a body that had lost the ability to retain its own heat.


Fridge Horror

  • By this point in the series, the other abducted noblewomen mentioned in The Alloy of Law have yet to be rescued, despite nearly a year having passed. When it is revealed that Suit and Sequence have spiked themselves with stolen powers via Hemalurgy, some readers may ask themselves from whom did they take the stolen powers? It becomes Fridge Horror when the reader realizes there has been plenty of time for the unrescued women from the Vanisher heists to have borne children, and that they may very well have been the source of at least some of Suit and Sequence's new abilities.

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