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WARNING: Per wiki policy, spoilers are unmarked on Awesome Moments pages!

  • The War Sequence shows us exactly what the Shepherd looks like to the average human, and it's this when not Nightmare Fuel. Sorey basically looks like a one man army who can No-Sell sword strikes, strike other solders down without his blade even touching them, use telepathy, burn arrows out of the air with a glance, and casually rearrange local geography. Destructive weird stuff just happens around him.
  • Sergei vs the party.
    • The very first thing he does is block an attack from Dezel. Bear in mind that Sergei has no resonance - he can't see Dezel. He blocks a flank attack he cannot see on pure instinct.
    • He then proceeds to give Sorey one hell of a duel. Sorey's superhumanly fast and strong thanks to his pacts. Sergei isn't. Sergei keeps up thanks to pure skill, even managing to throw around shockwaves with his sword because he's just that good.
  • Zaveid chasing the Dullahan... by running down the walls of Guinevere, a tower that pierces the sky. Coupled with his theme.
  • "The arte to end it all" from the final battle. You know the one.
    Sorey: Heldalf...
    Heldalf: Shepherd...
    Sorey: Lion's!
    Heldalf: Lion's!
    Sorey and Heldalf: Hooowl!
  • A meta example applies to the latest version of TZFix. The devs themselves stated that they couldn't get the game running at above 30 FPS for the PC release. That said, true 60 FPS support was modded in.
  • When the group slays Tiamat. What's even more awesome is that, by all accounts, Sorey and the party were not prepared for this fight in the slightest. From their perspective, they had just been told that Hyland and Rolance were going to war again, and when they walk onto the battlefield, they see a dragon decimate both of the armies with just ONE breathe of fire. The party doesn't back down and decide to stop the dragon at all costs despite being unable to stop the dragon from healing itself again and again. Then, the Hyland and Rolance armies, deciding that they can't stand around and let the dragon slay the Shepherd, follow the lead of Alisha and Sergei and form a momentary truce to save the day by stopping Tiamat every time it attempts to heal.
    • The cutscene that follows is just as epic. Sorey realizes he can't purify Tiamat, and is initially crestfallen until Rose walks up to him, gives him a smile, and makes it clear that she's with him. Then, they both Armatize and jump out of the way of Tiamat's next attack before striking back. Rose, armatized with Edna, slams her stone fists into Tiamat's cheeks before Sorey, armatized with Lailah, stabs Tiamat through the forehead. Tiamat, in great pain, tries to fly and shake the two off, but it eventually succumbs to its wounds and blows up in a blast of light. All the soldiers who bear witness to this are briefly stunned speechless before they all break into a cheer to celebrate their victory.
      • Most importantly while observing Sorey and Rose, they comment that the reason Sorey fights isn't because he's the Shepard, he fights to protect everyone because that's just how he is. Yes, Sorey manages to END A WAR by simply being Sorey.
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  • How do you make a character like Jade Curtis more badass? Change his Mystic Cage Mystic Arte so that Jade crushes it with his hand.
  • In the anime, Alisha is finally able to armatize.

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