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Nightmare Fuel / Tales of Zestiria

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  • The very beginning of the game, where Lunarre shows up in Elysia and EATS one of your fellow seraphim right in front of you. He doesn't get go back to normal after the battle either, he's dead.
    • Lunarre's face can count as well. His eyes are particularly demonic looking, and he has fangs.
  • The fact that hellions can be amongst normal humans with no one any the wiser. Only Sorey and the seraphims can see what they have become.
  • The idea that evil thoughts are not only physically real rather than abstract thing but also infectious. The Malevolence is basically a self perpetuating cycle, you think bad thoughts, which creates Malevolence which makes you think more bad thoughts, which creates more Malevolence which makes you think MORE bad thoughts, repeat ad infinitum. As a result, without the Shepard and the Lords of the Land the entire world becoming nothing more than a Death World filled with mindless malice filled monsters would be all but inevitable. and even then how long can that continue to work?
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  • When the slime is eating a man in the underground ruins, he survives, however, and believes he had been drowning.
  • On Spiritcrest, there's a dragon that unexpectedly shows up. It's an unbeatable battle that you need to run away from. The dragon is demonic looking, and what makes it worse is that it's Edna's brother: Eizen.
  • The city of Marlind, itself. It has a creepy dark atmosphere, with miasmic fog hanging over it, and eerie music playing.
    • The dog that comes up to you and transforms into a hellhound that you have to battle.
  • Near the end of the game, if you talk to the priest by the bookshelves in the Pendrago shrinechurch, he mentions legends about how dead prisoners kept on being washed up in the Plitzerback Wetlands. To drive the point home, he stated that in the older days, this meant that they were tied up, sent out to sea on boats, then the boats were capsized.
  • In the last battle of the main game: Heldalf, wanting to taint Sorey, reveals that he absorbed Gramps and shows his agonized face in his hand, so Sorey stops the attack. It's heartbreaking in a whole different level to hear Zenrus' screams while you are fighting against the Lord of Calamity
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  • Really, the lyrics of White Light can come off like this. Taken out of context, it sounds like someone jumping off the moral event horizon to become a knight Templar.

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