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  • Ragdoll standing up (both literally for the first time and metaphorically) to Deadshot when he implied that Ragdoll's attempt at consoling a despondent Black Alice was really an attempt to have sex with her. His teammates' reactions matched those of the readers.
  • Scandal Savage travelling to hell itself to rescue her lover. Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment too.
  • King Shark attacking an ARMY of gangsters employed by the Penguin in issue 35. While singing the King Shark song. Which is basically him singing the words "I'm a shark!" at them as he eats them.
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  • The Mad Hatter single-handedly taking down the Doom Patrol in Six Degrees of Devastation.
  • During the Hell story arc, Liana, Scandal's girlfriend, has been kidnapped by a nutjob former client called Randall who plans to "deprogram" her. One of his methods includes pouring hot sauce into her eyes, which he also did to himself in the first part. The thing is, Liana will not break. Oh sure she cries, but she won't admit she's a horrible person, or a sinner, just to please this psychopath. She even tells him off in the middle of it, saying he's not fit to breath the air of the sex workers he so vehemently believes are evil. And when the Six finally save her, and give her the choice of ending Randall's miserable life, Liana says "no". Because even if Randall doesn't have a relationship with God, she does. Of course, that doesn't stop Scandal from killing him as soon as Liana's out of sight.
  • When the Secret Six was first put together in Villains United they were nothing more than a group of C and D-List villains and two Legacy Characters no one took seriously or cared about. By the last issue of the series, practically every A and B-List superhero has been called in to stop them. DAMN.
    • The opening pages to Villains United which shows a montage of different supervillains agreeing to join the Society, only for the final panel to show Catman saying "No". Dr Psycho is furious at the refusal, stating that they can't have CATMAN of all people turn them down. Catman basically tells him to fuck off. Talia Al Ghul is impressed with his transformation, instantly thinking of Batman.
      Talia: His presence... for a moment he reminded me of a very great man.
      • How Catman deals with Dr. Psycho threatening him: He doesn't care, as even if Psycho does manage to kill him his powers don't work on animals and Catman's pride of lions will tear him to pieces. He then informs them that it doesn't matter what he says, as the world continues on whether he lives or dies.
  • Jeannette's one-on-one fight with Wonder Woman in Depths, until she unleashes her Brown Note power, causing the Amazon Princess to experience Jeannette's botched execution and leaving her a foaming-at-the-mouth heap on the ground. Again, Wonder Woman.
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  • Deadshot telling Amanda Waller where she can stick it by shooting her in the chest.
  • Issue #20. Catman had just gotten a call from a man threatening to drop his son off a roof if he doesn't kill the rest of the Six right then and there. Catman puts down the phone, adopts a fighting stance...and then picks the phone up again and flips the script on the thug.
    Catman: No deal. Go ahead and drop him.
    Kidnapper: What? What did you—
    Catman: Drop him. I'm going to hang up this phone. But I want you to understand something. Let it sink in, or you'll never get through this. I know the sounds of that harbor. I know where you are. I know there are three of you. I know the big one has an Afrikaaner accent. I know the other suffers from asthma. And I know you were born in London but lived most of your life in Australia.
    Kidnapper: Are you...are you threatening us, mate? We're holding all the cards! We're holding everything. We've got the woman, yes? We have the baby. I swear I'll make it last, you hear me?
    Catman: No. You'll run. You'll hide. And in the dark...I'll find you.
  • Issue 23. The team is kidnapped and put on an island so a "Presidents' Club" can hunt them down. The team then shows the Presidents' Club exactly how much they've underestimated them.
  • Jeannette "persuading" Cheshire to give her the antivenom to the poison she put in the Six's meals... by dangling her off the roof of her casino, flinging her into a mirror, and then threatening to start the torture by putting broken glass in her eyes.
    Jeannette: I don't care about your brat, girl. I care about your manners.
  • When Bane takes Venom for the first time since swearing it off. He wades into the fight and begins shouting, reminding everyone that he's the one who broke Batman.
    • Doubles as a Take That! by Gail Simone towards everyone who's forgotten how smart and powerful Bane truly is, viewing him only as Dumb Muscle.
  • Catman taking down Captain Nazi during the Six's imprisonment and torture by the Society. Keep in mind, Captain Nazi is a high-tier supervillain who's gone toe to toe with Captain Marvel. How does Catman take him down? Jabs a handful of syringes full of pain-enchancing drugs in his eyes. Before that, he also beat the Torture Technician the Crime Doctor into a coma with a metal table.
    • When Nazi next appears, he's had to replace his eyes with cybernetics, Catman messed him up bad.
  • Parademon suicide bombing a group of the Society's heavy hitters using a bunch of Father Boxes he's picked off New Genesis soldiers he's killed, killing a few of them and burning Captain Marvel-villain Sabbac to a crisp.
  • When the Six go to break Tarantula out of Alcatraz, Catman takes on the job of distracting Batman long enough for them to get away with it. A fight predictably breaks out and they fight on even terms for quite some time before Catman decides he's done enough and the two of them just call it off. We repeat: Catman fought on even terms with Batman!
  • Volume 4 has Lady Shiva fight Strix in single combat. As Shiva's page indicates, most other martial artists are straight-up shown to be Shiva's inferior, needing to surprise Shiva to even land a punch. Strix breaks Shiva's arm, marking them as near-equals.

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