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    Volume 1 
  • The battle between the Six and the Birds of Prey in Birds of Prey's "Whitewater" arc has a few:
    • Despite the fact that they were beating the crap out of each other moments earlier, Hawkgirl tries to help Scandal after the latter gets shot in the head.
    • Big Barda calling Knockout her "sister" after their fight ends in a draw.
  • The relationship between Bane and Scandal Savage. It's awkward and odd, but very sweet, as Bane tries to be what he thinks Scandal needs — a father, and one who cares about her well-being without any hidden agendas. Scandal, though weirded out at first, comes to accept Bane as the father she wishes she had, and declares him to be one of the few men in her life that she truly loves.
  • Scandal comforting Jeanette, who had lapsed into a brief moment of amnesia and recalled how her husband betrayed her.
  • You would expect that after all the hell Scandal has gone through with her relationships, after finally getting Knockout back from hell, she would have to choose between her and Liana. Instead, she takes another option. In #36, Scandal tells Liana that she can't live without her OR Knockout, and wants to marry both of them. Played completely straight, to the joy of Liana's friends and Jeannette.
    Jeannette: A happy ending. I'd forgotten they existed.
  • Scandal taking Bane, Catman and Deadshot in a big group-hug and calling them "The only men she has ever loved".
  • Deadshot forcing a doctor at gunpoint to call Black Alice and say that misuse of her powers was not how her father got cancer.
  • Spencer is moved to tears after having sex with Bane. Bane is, at first, worried that he may have accidentally hurt her. Instead, Spencer explains that she didn't expect him to be so gentle.
  • Liana Kerzner is walking Heartwarming, sprinkled liberally with Moment of Awesome and Funny. She's an exotic dancer who works at a strip club called Superior's, and plays the Hooker with a Heart of Gold trope straight and subverts it, by demonstrating to the audience that sex workers are people and not soulless trash. Liana manages to bring a little light back into Scandal's world after Knockout's death, and her optimism and faith in humanity is not hindered by her relationship with Scandal or her interaction with the Six. She even helps set Bane up with her co-worker, Spencer. Her ordeal with the psychotic Randall doesn't break her, and despite the hell he put her through she refuses to kill him.
  • When the team travels to Hell, Catman is escorted by by Etrigan to explore Hell. Memories of his painful childhood still fresh in his mind, Thomas wants to see that the soul of his bastard father, Reese Blake, is suffering for his sins. So, Etrigan takes him to the tree where his father is bound, and Reese begs Catman free him. It turns out that Reese' punishment is to be tortured, disembowled, and eaten daily by none other than Thomas' mother - whom he murdered in cold blood- who appears as a lioness with a human face. While Hell is his torment, torturing him for eternity is "[her] own Heaven." Apparently, it is time for her husband's daily torment, and she politely asks Thomas to leave, claiming she has a schedule to keep, and she would rather not have him see it because it's "rather unlady-like" of her. However, before they leave, she takes a moment to say goodbye to her son, proving that Heartwarming can happen, even in Hell:
    Catman: I understand... I love you, mom.
    Mrs. Blake (smiling lovingly): I love you too, Pumpkin. Forevers and evers, my handsome boy.
  • After Ragdoll chews Deadshot and Catman out for being more willing to physically harm each other than call each other friends even though they obviously enjoy each other's company, during the series' final showdown, Catman is shot in the shoulder and Deadshot yells Catman's name in obvious, pained concern. Aww, they really...don't...dislike each other. Much. Well.
  • One issue sees the Six go to Gotham after Batman has died. Many would assume that Bane, Deadshot, and Catman would join in causing chaos, seeing as they were enemies of the Bat. No. Bane is visibly disgusted that Batman's city is in chaos and convinces the group to join in helping, if only for one night. They even find a kidnapped child and when the parents ask who they are Bane says, "The Batman saved your child".
    Volume 2 
  • In issue 3, Catman comes across a corrupt cop who beats his dog, and even though he hates dogs, Catman threatens to come after the cop if he ever dares to abuse the dog again. Once he learns from Porcelain that the guy did so again, Catman shows up at his house and beats him up, to which the dog (a quite big pitbull) shows his appreciation by being friendly towards Catman after the cop orders the dog to attack him. Not just that, but the entire team comes to back Catman up, stopping two more corrupt cops from shooting him, and in the end the team even adopts the dog.
  • Catman asks Strix to set the table for dinner, only for her to reveal that she doesn't know how or even "know how to home" when he tells her just to make it homey and she begins to get upset. He tries to comfort her the best he can and asks her to just make it pretty. Cut to them all sitting down to dinner with knives, forks and napkins randomly scattered around while Big Shot incredulously asks why his entire prize rosebush (complete with roots) is on the table. Catman just thanks Strix for her help.
  • In issue #4 Porcelain admits to the team that they're genderfluid, prompting Big Shot to say, "This ain't right." Porcelain, understandably, is offended, but it turns out Shot was actually commenting on their outfit and then gives them a fedora.
    Big Shot: A fella's gotta look sharp moving into a new place. Pile on in, son.
  • Issue 12 has a couple:
    • Scandal considering Catman as a sperm doner for her and her wives' child, and Catman, obviously touched, readily agrees.
    • Faced with a choice between cooperating with Lady Shiva or seeing her friends die, Strix volunteers to leave with Shiva.
    • Batgirl gives Strix her boots since Strix liked them.
    • Sue breaks free of Riddler's brainwashing and immediately goes back home. She also brings Ralph's Elongated Man costume.

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