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Video Game / Pollardos Feos Y Mazmorros

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A typical battle.
Pollardos, Feos y Mazmorros or pfym is a fighting game created by Alex Lopez Lorenzo. It's a Parody of the Fighting Game genre, created Just for Fun. There is currently a sequel in development Called pfym2. After some trouble with the computer files. The first game was left uncompleted. The second game is in a hiatus a this moment.A link to the game in gamejolt:

Tropes in general:


The first game contains examples of...

  • Art Shift: Used in some stages and attacks.
  • Interface Screw: Fighting Internet Explorer makes duplicates of every on-screen frame of the character.
  • Joke Character: Internet explorer is so slow, he can barely launch a punch.
  • Punny Name: Most of the names are jokes in Spanish.
    • Pollardo: Dick-smack or big dick.
    • Feo: Ugly
    • Mazmorro: "Male dungeon (mazmorra)", which sounds like "mamporro" (blow).
    • Diana: Averted Trope
    • Sonbi: Our Zombies Are Different
    • Agent 777: Secret Agent with clones, "777" is a joke based on the fact that they are 7 agents.
    • Olorum Makinesi: "Smell-um Machine-esi".
    • Cabraman: Goatman.
    • Dr. Distorto: "Distortion" + "torta" (slap).
    • Flor: Flower.
    • Calaverino: "Male small skull".
    • Juez Castigo: Judgement Judge.
  • Game-Breaker: Many.
  • Spam Attack: Thanks to the Meta Game, since block doesn't damage the player.

The second game contains examples of...

  • Joke Character: Millenium Man. Probably the ultimate joke character in the saga.

If you are reading this pages, you probably wasted around 11 minutes, thats ridiculous. It's not even funny.


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