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Awesome / RoboCop 2

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  • The opening of the film with Robo proving how Nigh-Invulnerable he really is by surviving through multiple rocket launcher attacks to his car and stepping out like nothing was wrong.
  • OCP overloads Robo with over two hundred PC directives, thanks to The Mole. The second it is suggested electrocuting him might remove them, Robo risks his life to do just that in front of the striking police force.
    • The RoboCop programming was essentially destroyed. RoboCop couldn't beat OCP, only Murphy could.
      • And even without the programming, he's still an awesome cop.
    • The force then stops their protest to help Murph storm Cain's compound.
      Customer at Hot Dog Cart: (watching police cruisers zoom by) They ain't holdin' no picket signs!
      Hot Dog Vendor: They goin' to kick somebody's ass!
  • Robocop is ambushed and has his gun hand blasted off before being hit with a huge electrical grappler. His reaction after being stunned a few seconds? Grab the cable and jam it into his wrist stump, electrocuting the woman holding it and blasting her off her feet!
  • The final confrontation between RoboCop and RoboCop 2 aka RoboCain. Even if you hate that sequel you have to yield to the stop motion of awesome.
    Murphy: Cain! Let's step outside.
  • Cain gets a couple of cool moments before the fight. Faxx attempts to shut him down when he tries to get at the container of Nuke, only to find she CAN'T shut him down. When Cain draws his minigun at Murphy's entry and threat, Faxx yells it's not armed. Cain proceeds to snatch the remote from him, reactivate his weapons and crush the remote, severing all control the OCP had on him.
    • The opening of the confrontation is awesome. First, Murphy shrugs off Cain's main gun, who in return is easily able to shrug off several of Murphy's Cobra Assault rounds. Then Murphy sharpshoots Cain's secondary shoulder mounted scattergun with his sidearm, Cain ups the ante by ramming Murphy through the wall with his extendable arm.
    • The Old Man not caring about two highly lethal cyborgs going at it and scolds them like misbehaving children.
    • RoboCop's suggestion to kill Cain once and for all? He distracts him with his beloved Nuke, giving him enough time to jump onto his back, rip out his brain and smash it onto the pavement.
      RoboCop: Goodbye.
      RoboCop 2: AAAAHHHHH!!!! (Robocop smashes his brain) AAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUGGGGHHHH!!!!!!
  • Faxx, after being a manipulator, reprogramming Murphy and treating him as a machine, killing Cain and making him into Robocop 2, is made the scapegoat by her rival Johnson and the Old Man. After she's been the Smug Snake the whole film, it's more than a little satisfying to know she won't get away with it.