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Nightmare Fuel / RoboCop 2

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  • The Prototypes of RoboCop 2. It builds up with triumphant music, showing a clunky looking brown cyborg which reveals the human face inside the body — which then flinches his face in anger, complete with sparks, realizing that he's lost his humanity, and then proceeds to gun down the scientists near him, all while only able to say what's been programmed into him — "You are under arrest. Stop or I'll shoot." — with the words getting weaker with each sentence, until the prototype shoots himself in the head. And after that, we get the other prototype, which looks much sleeker and more friendly — but then it removes its helmet, revealing a skull with wires coming out of it, which pathetically screams in pain before it dies from inadvertently severing its life support (or not so inadvertently). Unlike Murphy, these would-be RoboCops failed because they weren't prepared to give up their lives and humanity for the line of duty. That, and the insane amount of psychological stress of being slaves to a corporation for the rest of their operational lives. The jerky stop-motion animation of the prototypes doubles the Uncanny Valley factor, and combined with the completely ironic, triumphant music only makes the scene even more creepy than it already is. note 
    • RoboCain, the RoboCop 2 prototype that did work — too well, in fact. A hulking, nearly unstoppable arsenal of lethal weapons combined with the mind of a drug-abusing serial killer that breaks free of its corporate controller to wreak havoc makes for a genuine threat. The amazing stop motion effects done to create this metal monstrosity only enhance the fear factor. Also, there's Cain's "Screen Face", complete with an Uncanny Valley CGI head — sadly not featured in that video.
      • However, it is featured here - and Uncanny Valley it is. It's especially scary when he suddenly gets pissed off.
    • How 'bout Cain's brain (complete with staring eyeballs!)? As part of the process of putting Cain's brain into the RoboCop 2 prototype, they surgically remove his entire brain, spinal column, and eyeballs, and they suspend it inside a tube of liquid. And it stares. And Cain can see everything that's happening even in this state (not that he doesn't deserve it, given what he himself did to Duffy below earlier, but still...).
      • Note that seeing "everything that's happening" includes seeing his own cored-out, decapitated head being held up by one of the scientists as he describes how his brain was extracted to Faxx. And you wonder why he was even more insane than before once his brain was put into the death bot.
  • Duffy, a dirty cop, is beaten up by RoboCop and forced to give up Cain's location. For his troubles, while outside the hospital with Hob, another of Cain's guys knocks Duffy out. He wakes up tied to a hospital bed. In the room are Cain, his girlfriend Angie, Hob who is all of fourteen years old, and a sad-faced man who's getting his scalpels ready to vivisect him.
    Dirty Doctor: Maybe you oughta have the kid leave.
    Cain: Why?
    • And then there's the fact that Angie and Hob both look terrified when the torturer makes the first cuts, we see some blood, and we hear Duffy screaming. That screaming can give you chills:
    Angie: You said you were just going to scare him!
    Cain: [coldly] Doesn't he look scared?
  • RoboCop's limbless torso, after the bad guys tore him apart. He still moves and tries to speak, but could only manage a low moan. Just watch the scene when OCP is assessing the damages.
    • To add more fuel to the scene at hand, seeing RoboCop's face contorted in writhing anguish and pain is both this and heavy levels of Tear Jerker.
  • The scene where Dr. Faxx shuts off Cain's life support, so OCP can harness his brain for RoboCop 2. Made even worse by the fact that Cain, of all people, is visibly terrified and can't even express it.
    Dr. Faxx: Night.
    • The look on her face as she watches him die isn't one of boredom or triumph or even disgust. It's one of absolute intrigue.
    • There's also the fact that, after Faxx made Cain into RoboCop 2, she smiles after Cain survived Lewis smashing an APC into him — even though Cain murdered several people.
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  • The ad for Sunblock 5000. The girl states that the ozone layer is now gone and that a mere twenty seconds in the California sun is too much now for unprotected skin. Unless, of course, one applies an whole pint of Sunblock 5000, which is blue, to their entire body. Oh, and there's a Surgeon General's warning that it will, not can, will cause skin cancer, the very thing you're trying to avoid by using the damn stuff in the first place.