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Heartwarming / RoboCop 2

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  • The whole police force standing up for Murphy after he's dismembered and the OCP jerks are unwilling to restore him.
    Sgt. Reed: He's one of mine. I want him back on his feet.
  • Also, despite being on strike, the police (including Stef, who is played by Mark Rolston, who condemned RoboCop for being a product of OCP early in the film as he drives back in the station's garage) never stop helping RoboCop, even abandoning the strike when he temporarily goes offline. They might hate how they're treated, but they can't leave behind their brothers in arms.
  • Even after their initial treatment of one another, Robocop stays with Hob to comfort him when he dies.
  • A weird sort of heartwarming, but after getting rid of all the nonsense directives that had left him unable to function, at extreme risk to himself, you seen in RoboVision "List Prime Directives... No Directives Found." The only thing left is Murphy, and he immediately gets back to work. The directives, even the original three "noble" directives, were completely unnecessary; he was always a good man.