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  • Robocop reading the Miranda Rights to a corpse wouldn't be funny, if it weren't for his utterly confused reaction when this is pointed out.
  • Robocop finding a load of kids committing crimes.
  • "Thank you for not smoking!"
  • When RoboCop starts his fight with RoboCop 2, The Old Man shouts BEEEEHAAAAVEEE YOURSELVES!!! One of the most corrupt executives in movie history witnesses a huge battle between two cyborgs armed to the teeth, and all he does is discipline them like two bickering children.
    • During said fight, RoboCop blows up RoboCain's shoulder mounted cannon. When he does so, it gives a little video game/cartoony sound effect.
  • The final line of the film:
    RoboCop: Patience, Lewis. We're only human.
    • What really makes this funny is RoboCop then starts using his socket tool on his helmet.
  • "OCP pioneered cyborg technology, and now we take a quantum leap forward. State-of-the-art destructive capabilities commanded by a unique combination of software and organic systems. In every way an improvement over the original. It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you, RoboCop 2." The prototypes are spectacular failures.
    • The first one steps out, to triumphant fanfare. It is.....a clunky looking brown machine which then lifts up its face plate to reveal the face. The face then sparks and flinches its face in anger, realizing that he's lost his humanity. He draws his gun and shoots the two scientists overseeing the test, killing the one on the right while repeatedly saying "stop or I'll shoot, stop or I'll shoot..." Then he turns to his left and shoots Schenk in the arm (we cut away for a second to Schenk, who clutches his wounded arm and winces uncomfortably at this moment), then turns the gun on himself. Only then, as if to add insult to injury, the prototype's signal lights and sirens kick in.
      • Also consider that, despite the ED-209 fiasco, OCP still hasn't learned that giving prototypes live ammunition is a phenomenally stupid idea. At least they're smart enough to not give a loaded gun to the second one.
      • When the second prototype is unveiled, Schenk is standing behind a menacing-looking robot with two Vulcan arms, clearly a bodyguard he has built for his own protection.
      • Notice that when the first shot rings out, Johnson plays dead, then quickly scurries out of the shot.
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    • The second one comes out. It looks much sleeker and more friendlier than the first one....only to suddenly take off its helmet, revealing a screaming skull with all sorts of wires coming out of it, then collapses to the ground and dies from inadvertently severing its life support with a loud crash. You can see the Old Man burying his face in his hands watching this.
    • The Old Man simply states "$19 million" with regards to cost overruns.
  • Cain's reaction to the Blue Velvet Nuke that wasn't ready yet.
    Cain: -Slurring- Frank. The Benzedrine's got my teeth wiggling. Cut it with sc - Scopalomine. 5 mills per.
  • The Sunblock 5000 ad.
    Surgeon General's Warning: Frequent use WILL cause skin cancer.
  • The Magnavolt commercial. A would-be carjacker gets electrocuted by a car's theft deterrent. What sells it is the announcer just dumping his smoking corpse on the ground and drives away.
    • Adding more humor to the situation is why the car thief was bothering with breaking into a Ford Probe economy coupe when there were more expensive cars nearby. Also, the possibility of the car thief having an accident on the seat may come to mind.
  • The news seller's quote as many, many police cars drive past to go apprehend Cain.
    "Oh they not on strike, they goin' kick somebody ass!"
  • The news report updating the audience on the status of the ED-209 project since the first film. It was adopted by many militaries and police forces, only for several malfunctions to become quickly evident. Footage shows one being stuck on an open manhole.
  • A VERY DARK example but Cain’s Exact Words when having Officer Duffy’s heart cut out (while he’s alive and conscious!):
    Angie: You said you were just going to scare him!!!
    Cain: Doesn’t he look scared?