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Analysis / RoboCop 2

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It's Deeper Than We Realized

As this Cracked article points out, RoboCop 2 could actually be read as a subversive critique of it's own existence. Like the 21 Jump Street film, but Played for Drama.

The script was written by Walon Green and Frank Miller (the latter of which was in his creative prime in terms of subversive writing), and it's clearl the two intentionally crafted a complex meta-narrative about why any sequel to RoboCop is not only unnecessary but is destined for failure.

The film starts with OCP trying to recreate RoboCop but they all end in failure because they can't figure out what made the original so successful. While that's happening, OCP reprograms the original by adding in new directives to make him more commercialized and act like a Saturday-morning superhero (coincidentally, this was being made while they were making a children's cartoon about RoboCop) but this only succeeds in making him utterly useless as a police officer and a force for good.

In the end, OCP manages to build a bigger and better version of RoboCop (literally called "RoboCop 2") loaded with guns and explosives, but it goes haywire because it simply doesn't have the heart and soul that the first one has in spades. Ending in a showdown where the classic comes out on top.

The film was panned by critics and audiences for being nothing more than a soulless cash-grab that tried to profit off of the original's success, and it seems the film agreed with them.