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Tear Jerker / RoboCop 2

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  • Near the beginning of the film, Murphy's wife is brought in to see RoboCop. He tells her that he has no memory of her, and that him wearing Alex Murphy's face is just a way to honor him. Next shot, RoboCop is watching through a window as she is leaving, and the slightest expression on RoboCop's face makes it clear he lied through his teeth so she could move on with her life.
    Ellen Murphy: Alex? Don't you know me? Don't you remember me? Alex, it doesn't matter what they've done to you. I...
    RoboCop: <leans forward> Touch me.
    Ellen Murphy: <touches his lip> It's cold.
    RoboCop: They made this to honor him.
    Ellen Murphy: No, I...
    RoboCop: Your husband is dead. I don't know you.
    • Even worse, her actions as she leaves imply that it didn't work.
  • The death of Hob to some. Sadly, RoboCop does know what dying is like.
    Hob: I'm gonna die. You know what that's like, don't you? It really sucks.
    RoboCop: [beat]...Yes.