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  • After saving Lewis and others from Splatterpunks, RoboCop informs her that there are three of them left in the area. Then one of the said three tries to shoot Lewis, but Robo catches the bullet between his fingers from midair and shoots back. Then he informs her, "Make that two."
  • RoboCop is wanted for arrest, so he marches into the police station. Then calmly asks where the Rehabs are in the station... then says to get the fire department. He then goes to the Rehabs office and processes to annihilate (in a family friendly way) everything in his path with his gunarm, using his flamethrower to burn down most of the office and an ammo supply. Then he grabs a fallen Rehab and asks where McDagget is. Though short, it shows that Robo is still a badass even in a family friendly film.
  • All of Detroit's police force turn over their badges and just walk away instead of going with OCP's actions.
    Johnson: Maybe instead of thinking about these squatters, think about your own family.
    Sgt. Reed: I am. (he takes off and his drops badge on ground) I'm thinking I have to go home and face them. (entire precinct follows suit and drops their badges as they leave.)
    • They don't just turn in their badges, next time we see them, they directly go to the slums, and deputize any of the battle-capable squatters into helping them protect the area.
      Reed: Folks, in about forty five minutes, the Rehabs are coming to blow you out of your neighborhood. I want you to take your kids and everyone that shouldn't be fighting to the basement. The rest of you are hereby deputized by the Detroit Police Department. It's time to show how real cops kick ass. (cocks shotgun)
  • And when they are about to be overrun by OCP's goons, including their armored car, RoboCop swoops in from the sky with his jetpack, destroying the car with one missile and eliminating all opposition as a one cyborg aerial cavalry.
  • At the end of it all, we get this exchange:
    The CEO: Well, I gotta hand it to ya. What do they call ya? Murphy, is it?
    RoboCop: My friends call me Murphy. You call me... RoboCop.

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