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  • The hapless would-be robber who tries holding up a donut shop full of cops. The clerk quips, "what's it like being a rocket scientist?"
    • "Isn't someone going to arrest me?"
  • RoboCop's Flashed-Badge Hijack. It starts with Robo requesting a car from a pimp who's looking the other way. The pimp turns around pissed and holding a switchblade, sees RoboCop and obediently gives up the car keys.
    • The mere sight of RoboCop driving a pimp-mobile.
  • RoboCop casually waltzing into the police station and talking to Sergeant Reed.
    Reed: Murphy!
    Robo: Good evening, Sergeant Reed.
    Reed: Did you know there's a warrant out for your arrest?
    Robo: *beat* Yes.
    Reed: Just checking. What can I do for you?
    Robo: Please direct me to the Rehab staging area.
    Reed: *smiles as he realizes what's about to happen* It's just down the hall. You can't miss it.
    Robo: Thank you. *steps towards the door and then pauses* You may want to call the fire department.
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  • Johnson's small scale Villainous Breakdown when all the cops quit is hilarious.
    (as cops start filing out) "You can't do this. [more cops walk out] You are employees of OCP, remember that. [most of the cops leave] You are jeopardizing your retirement benefits!"
  • The series' penchant for biting social commentary continues, with the blatantly manipulative Delta City commercial, and the hiliariously propagandist Johnny Rehab commercial. Doubly funny after the audience has seen what monsters the Rehabs truly are.

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