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Awesome / Raging Sea Of Flames

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It's only natural when the mecha of the Nominal Hero has an Awesome, but Impractical Pile Bunker designed to make sure your enemies are certainly dead.

  • The very first battle of the web comic. J is sent to attack a convoy all on her own. First, she destroys a sniper/spider type mech while it was on top of building, destroying the top part of said building. She then drops onto the ground, sending a shockwave and leveling the area around her. There she engages with a smaller, lance wielding mech and a disabled tank, barely affected by their attacks before skewering said mech and obliterating it with her Pile Bunker. The leftover tank was basically history.
    • To add to that. During the entire fight, the closest thing that seemed to damage Dragga was a failed Tele-Frag and all that did was let the Dragga grab its attacker and skewer it.

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