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  • Badass Normal cop Daniel jumps out of helicopter, without a chute, risking an 99.9% chance of being burned to a crisp or death by high velocity impact, just so he can toss The Hero Aya Brea the MacGuffin needed to to kill the Ultimate Being. He actually was set on fire, and he LIVED!
  • His boss, Baker, despite being a deskbound warrior, whipped out a pistol and opened fire on a three headed mutated dog, despite having degraded shooting skills and not being agile in the least, just to defend a little kid. Despite his own admittance of being a Desk Jockey, that was pretty damn badass.
    • The first time you meet Baker in the game, he believes Aya's report about the spontaneous combustions and monsters at the opera house. (It helps they have hundreds of burnt corpses with no outside source of fire to support her.) Then he authorizes Aya to receive better weaponry from the police armory. Specifically, an M-16 assault rifle.
  • Earlier in the game, Daniel gets to live and get away with what everyone would love to do an annoying reporter. He punches the bastard so hard he almost bounces off a nearby ambulance, and despite it being assault (and Daniel being a cop), GETS AWAY WITH THIS!
    • Not nearly as stunning, but he does later have a Big Damn Heroes moment where he punches out Mad Scientist Jerkass Hans Klamp after Hans tries to go after Aya with a scapel.
  • Eve gets a CMOA for sheer novelty in how she decides to fight you. She has you, at one point, get in an old style horse carriage, sets the horse ON FIRE, and you have to fight her while whistling down the streets of New York, all while she's trying to convince you to join her side.
    • The scene where Aya fights Eve while standing in a buggy pulled by flaming horses as it swerves side to side. She manages to stay in the buggy the whole time, and manages to dodge all that crap Eve is throwing at her. Seriously, this cop has more balls than a lot of male cops do.
  • Also, Aya and the United States Navy get a combined CMOA. They send her out to take down Eve with a tactical nuke in a gunship on autopilot, while the other pilots badassedly perform a suicidal Heroic Sacrifice that involves them taking the mitochondrial bullets for Aya so she can bring Eve To the Pain. It gets even more insane when you realize that the Navy pilots did NOT chicken out, despite what they're doing is a guaranteed suicide mission. Aya gets her points in for not wussing out herself and blowing the head off the mitochondrial golem Eve made in a very awesome and very well detailed shot.
    • Kind of a wallbanger, however, when you take into account that Aya's gunship was on complete auto-pilot. If they were capable of doing that, one has to wonder why they didn't just send a bunch of UNMANNED choppers to screen her as well.
    • Fair enough, but unmanned vehicles usually are very poor at diversionary flight tactics, so while she was going on target, the others were sacrificing themselves as a distraction from the one that actually counted, and the sheer balls that took would be impressive.
  • Aya gets another CMOA when she rigs the boiler of a nuclear powered battleship to blow the Ultimate Being the fuck up in a cutscene that looked especially awesome, especially on the PS1. The one liner she delivers to the creature before running off again drives it in:
    Aya: Do you know where we are? WE'RE IN HELL'S KITCHEN!
    • Also, she get another CMOA when she defeats Eve for the last time (while she resembles a very Stripperiffic fairy), badassedly telling Eve her ideas on evolution fucked up so bad she might want to consider why, as Eve is dying. Considering how much Eve liked giving the Hannibal Lecture on why humans suck, this was gleefully ironic.
      Eve: "You HAVE the ability to EVOLVE! Why take the side of a DOOMED species?!"
      Aya: "If my mitochondria have the ability to evolve...they'll evolve to GET RID OF YOU!"
  • Aya gets another CMOA BEFORE she defeats Eve. In the assault on Eve (which failed to totally kill her), she decided she's going to take advantage of the fact she is invulnerable to Eve's Playing with Fire Powers, jumps down dead center of a massive pile of mitochondrial sludge, and proceeds to charge at Eve with little more than the conventional weapons she has on hand. Keep in mind this is AFTER a tactical NUKE failed to do the job.
  • Aya has a hilarious CMOA that establishes her as a badass at the beginning of the game. Eve has appeared, people are burning, shit is flying. Her wussy blind date is a big chicken (and he's allegedly a cop like Aya). She simply elbows his ass to the ground, whips out her pistol, and charges the superpowered bitch onstage, despite having no idea at the time why she was immune to being burned alive (and not knowing if it would last).
    • All while dressed in nothing but a tiny little black dress and high heels. Damn.
  • Hell, Eve gets another CMOA for proving how badass she is by fucking up the Navy's shit the first time they show up so effortlessy it borders on insulting.
    • One goes to Aya here too. The scene where she runs and jumps off a building to escape an incoming jet is just.... awesome. Also, how she fights several Demonic Spiders on the way down, to pull the switch to put the brakes on, and stops the thing a mere 5 or so feet from hitting the ground.
  • She also has an honest to God T. rex brought back to life, apparently For the Evulz.

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