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  • Parasite Eve isn't a game meant for laughter, but when the titular Eve revives a T-Rex for the purpose of killing Aya, Aya's Oh, Crap! reaction is hilarious — she even lampshades how completely crazy reviving a T-Rex is.
  • "What's the matter, Aya? Got something against little girls?"
  • Daniel punching the reporter in the first game.
  • Aya's date wussing out after Eve shows up.
  • The ending performance of the opera in the first game, where (when the guard brings out a torch) Maeda, Aya, and Daniels jerk up from their seats in horror because of what happened the last time there was a fire in Carnegie Hall, at the beginning of the game. The people sitting behind them ask the group to sit down because they can't see the show. Ben is the only one who doesn't get up from his seat and he tells the others to just sit down and enjoy the show.
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  • While in the hospital, Aya has to find three fuses and place them in a fuse box, which also has wires that require being repaired above it. After turning the power back on, Aya can proceed further into the building. However, if you add the fuses, turn on the power and THEN attempt to repair the wires, Aya will proceed to get electrocuted. Sounds like it wouldn't be all that funny... if it weren't for the fact that Aya plummets onto the floor with a loud thud, getting up a few seconds later as if nothing happened. You don't take damage from this and nothing else occurs, but it's an oddly comical moment in an otherwise rather serious game. If you're easily amused or bored, you can do this more than once.
  • Dr. Klamp wears his dickishness on his sleeve in Aya and Daniel's first meeting with him, continuing to type away at his computer when they come to question him. After introducing themselves, the two cops just share a resigned look before continuing their dialogue. Said look comes up again when he launches into his big speech about how wonderful mitochondrial evolution is.

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