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  • Pretty much the entirety of Dolan's Cadillac. The meticulous planning, determination and sheer backbreaking hard work Robinson commits himself to in his quest for revenge is simply astonishing, and it all culminates in a very sweet (but brutal) payoff against a villain who would have otherwise cleanly escaped justice for having Robinson's wife murdered.
  • The ending to Popsy. Sheridan's mounting suspicion that he abducted the wrong little boy is suddenly, horribly confirmed the instant that giant wing slaps down over the entirety of his windshield.
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  • Chattery Teeth. It took some serious balls for Hogan to fight back against the knife-wielding hitchhiker, but when his plan fails and it looks like "Bryan Adams" is about to finish him off, the titular set of teeth springs to life in his defense... and proceeds to take some serious balls.
  • Maddie Pace and the other good citizens of Gennesault Island from Home Delivery are a savvy bunch, indeed. When reports start coming in that the dead are rising from their graves and feasting on the living, the townsfolk unanimously decide that they'll be having none of that shit in their community, thankyouverymuch. They tool up and head down to the island's only cemetery, blast every zombie to pieces the moment it claws its way out of the earth, cut those pieces into smaller pieces, and burn them all into a mound of ashy tallow. Maddie herself is surprised at home by the soggy corpse of her dead husband, and doesn't hesitate to grab an axe and do what must be done:
    "I loved you so much, Jack... But this isn't you."
  • The Ten O'Clock People seems to be rapidly spiraling toward a Downer Ending when Pearson gets hold of a submachine gun, cold-cocks the bastard who sold them out, and arms his two surviving friends so they can fight back against the bats and escape. And that's just what they do.
  • "The Doctor's Case." Dr. John Watson proves he's no slouch at observation and deduction, solving the Hull case in a second after seeing what everyone else, including Sherlock Holmes, missed. (Though, if Holmes's eyes hadn't been watering from his allergy, he'd undoubtedly have seen the clue that solves the case as well. No matter what, Watson's accomplishment is pretty impressive.)

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