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Awesome / Neon Genesis Evangelion: Genocide

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  • Samael has crushed all Evas easily. However, when he attacks Unit-01, Unit-02 grabs the alien and Asuka pushes it away before stabbing it to death for trying to hurt Shinji.
  • Asuka managing to eject the Emerald Tablet from Unit-02 by seer force of will. Add to this that the Tablet had previously demonstrated how powerful it was in the mental department, benching Rei for days on end just from brief mental contact, by killing the Chinese pilot and taking over Unit-A through contact with her mind, and had been grinding down Asuka's sanity for some time beforehand.
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  • On the other hand, Shinji willed Unit-01 to chomp on the final artificial Angel when it mortally wounded Asuka.
  • When Rei has to fight the Emerald Tablet in the Kaworu clone body, she believes it to be a hopeless battle. Even so, she chooses to fight.
  • Gendo committing Heroic Sacrifice to save Rei.
  • Misato is constantly on full Mama Bear mode. When she discovered that Ritsuko had hurt one of her kids again, she almost kills her before settling on breaking their friendship off for good.


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