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Awesome / The Neo Domino Purge

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  • In the first Season Finale, Yusei defeats Juri using a Combination Attack with his Stardust Dragon and the Red Demons Dragon he's been holding onto secretly after Jack lost it in Satellite.
  • Carly, of all people, trounces Kinomiya by pooling her Fortune-Telling Witches' power into one and launching a direct attack.
  • Jack, after being pushed into a corner; suffering Blood from the Mouth as the poison inside him begins its work and nearing a Heroic BSoD, comes back fiercely against Kinomiya and completely devastates him.
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  • Rua appears just after Shira defeats Rally and overwhelmingly crushes him to get to the top of the Security Headquarters.
  • When Bommer knocks both himself and Crow through a window of Security's base, Crow escapes plunging with him by changing his D-Wheel to Flying Mode and still manages to climb the tower in time for the Yusei/Juri match.

Path Two

  • Both Jack and Kazama with their Big Damn Heroes moments in Chapter 26. Jack's involves jumping over the central lane of the Highway to meet up with Crow on the opposite side - with Yusei between them. While Kazama literally appears from the destruction of the roads to save Yusei before it collapses completely.
  • Blitz, Taka and Nerve coming together to beat Tetsuzo.
  • Despite being quite a delicate character, Ruka stands up to Aki's aggressive mood through the same chapter. Even when she's beaten, she's able to stand and continues to be defiant to Aki's preference of being alone rather than joining the Signers.

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