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Heartwarming / The Neo Domino Purge

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  • The twins attract these a lot.
    • When Aki declares an attack that would finish Rua off, Ruka launches herself onto the field and shields her brother in what would have been a Taking the Bullet had Aki not stopped. She proceeds to surrender on his behalf, showing her brother his safety means more to her than the duel or the result.
    • After Naoko tells Aki that Divine has been captured, Ruka defiantely states she's going too, only assuming Rua has been taken too.
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    • Ruka's duel with Frank showcases the two worrying a lot about one another. Up until then, Rua has been shown with little more than Ruka on his mind.
    • The first chapter of the second Season has the two talking about Ruka's Birthmark and Rua expressing his feelings that she was burdened far too early and helps her settle down.
    • Chapters 31 and 32 have Rua making clear just how much Ruka means to him and what he would give up for her sake.
    • When the Earthbound Gods first appear in Neo-Domino, Ruka panics over the idea that she'll have to fight one herself and clings to Rua, sobbing and pleading for him to stay with her, especially if she faces such a situation. He promises to comply with her wishes.
  • As Yusei prepares to play his Battle Bonds card, he talks about how he and Jack had always wanted to play the card with their dragons; exactly what he achieves on his own. Though the two do share a smile and Jack approves of the use of his dragon.
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  • During Jack's duel with Kinomiya, the flashbacks from Episodes 2 and 25 are included in a recollection largely from Jack's perspective. Altogether, it shows Jack took off for the City because he knew Yusei would chase after him. He justifies the entire thing as a chase, knowing Yusei wouldn't give up on Stardust.
  • Crow's attempts of cheering Yusei up while he's recovering from a blood transfusion include the promise of rebuilding his D-Wheel with the feelings of everyone else in and finding Jack, who Yusei had been fretting over.
  • Divine and Naoko's meeting towards the end of Chapter 33 ends with Naoko feeling loved more than at any other point in her life and establishes a tight bond between herself and Aki.

Path Two

  • Before their duel with Tetsuzo; Blitz, Taka and Nerve form an incomplete circle and a Team Hand-Stack. For a second, Crow hallucinates seeing Yusei in the space, joining in.

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