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Come on, when you have one awesome series full of titanic battles between some of the world's greatest superheroes and mash together with another series filled with fights between equally amazing superheroes and supervillains, you're going to get a ton of awesome moments.

Spoilers Off applies to all Moments pages, so all spoilers below are unmarked! You Have Been Warned.

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    Chapter 2 - Izuku Midoriya: Birthright Part 2 
  • After a rough entrance, Midoriya has a cathartic encounter with Bakugou, successfully beating back his lackeys before taking down Bakugou himself with the utmost ease. Sure, it quickly goes south afterward, but it's hard to not appreciate the lead up to it as Midoriya gets to flex his new muscles and feel like a hero for the first time.
  • Midoriya easily fends off the Sludge Villain, only being stopped by his fear of being labeled a Vigilante, and gets praised for how he handled the situation by All Might.

    Chapter 3 - Izuku Midoriya: Birthright Part 3 
  • Midoriya leaps into the fray to save Bakugou from the Sludge Villain just like in canon, but his Super Strength allowed him to successfully free him this time before turning back to face the Sludge Villain, all to the tune of "You Say Run" as linked on both Spacebattles and Sufficient Velocity.
  • Midoriya not only says he became the world's greatest Hero, but the greatest Hero of all time.

    Chapter 4 - The Übermenschen Part 1 
  • Midoriya holding his own against Mecha-Mooks. He might not have much practice yet, but he's still more than capable of taking care of himself.

    Chapter 5 - The Übermenschen Part 2 
  • Firestorm wipes out an army of 200 robots single-handedly without suffering another injury. It takes another robot designed to nullify his powers to stop him, but by then All Might is ready to save him.
  • Midoriya gets a ton of awesome moments.
    • First, he puts up a respectable fight against the Ultra-Humanite until All Might and Firestorm arrive to help.
    • Then he learns how to fly after being blasted off Mt. Fuji by a gun designed to rip apart atoms down to their component particles and a super-powerful bomb, coming back up none the worse for wear and completely oblivious to his new power for a few seconds.
    • He then deactivates the Ultra-Humanite's Quirk and exposes the latter's attempts at false bravado, allowing All Might and Firestorm to put the hurt on the Villain and end the battle.
  • All Might gets a Big Damn Heroes moment after he and Firestorm burst in just as the Ultra-Humanite is about to order the robots to execute Midoriya.
  • The Ultra-Humanite manhandles both Midoriya and All Might simultaneously (albeit while the latter was weakened by the Villain's Quirk) for the majority of their fight.
  • Firestorm is terrifying after Midoriya is seemingly blasted to his death. Even All Might and the Ultra-Humanite break into a cold sweat as the young Hero showcases how scary the ability to transmute any matter he wants truly is.
    Firestorm: [to Professor Stein] Don't lecture me, old man. [turns a robot into a pile of rocks] I don't need you screaming in my ear, right now. [turning the ground beneath his feet into different gemstones with every step] Don't tell me to calm down! I'm going to kill this bastard! Right here! Right now! And I don't care if I have to turn this whole mountain into a pillar of salt to do so!

    Chapter 7 - For All Seasons 
  • After her board members start chastising Alexis for not respecting her company, she easily puts them in their place with an impassioned speech (in which she reveals mistakes they didn't notice) and has them groveling at her feet by the end of the meeting.
  • Midoriya accidentally butts heads with Kendo Rappa, a dangerous Yakuza member with Super Strength, over a rare Beebo doll. As intimidating as the hulking man was, Midoriya surprises himself when he utterly crushes him in both a punching competition and an arm wrestling contest without even trying.
  • Midoriya's mastery of his abilities grows at a phenomenal rate over the ten months he spends training on Korusan Island, managing to go from being unable to cut a straight line with his Heat Vision to easily carving blocks of ice into eight identical pieces, drilling through rotting Kaiju flesh, and flying around with speed and grace. He also manages to squeeze in time to study for the written portion of the U.A. Entrance Exam and start learning Kryptonian. All in all, he's far more prepared than his canon counterpart was.
  • Alexis manages to terrify Midoriya in ways that even the Ultra-Humanite never could by easily deducing his identity with her connections and threatening his family, proving that even a Nigh-Invulnerable Flying Brick has every reason to be very afraid of anyone named Luthor.

    Chapter 8 - The Conqueror 
  • Midoriya gets to show off what ten months of preparation has done when he aces the written portion of the exam. As soon as the practical portion begins, he easily kicks away an oncoming missile and detonates it and the robot. Then his Chronic Hero Syndrome kicks in and he starts flying around the entire test facility to help others who are having trouble, easily flattening robots or pinning them down for the others to finish off.
    • He unintentionally delivers an Armor-Piercing Response to Iida, who realizes the true purpose of the exam and immediately goes off to help other people. This trend continues with almost everyone Midoriya helps, showing his natural charisma and potential to be The Paragon before he's ever aware of it.
  • When Midoriya is about to run away screaming in terror from Starro the Conqueror, he realizes that the Starro is just a robot replica. While he's relieved that it's not the real thing, he's also incensed that U.A. is continuing to depict aliens as one-sidedly evil, digging his fingers into the ground to toss a giant rock at the robot. He only manages to take off its arm, but this act manages to rally everyone else to turn the tide and fight back.
  • The other students Midoriya helped are seen helping each other in the midst of the Starro fight. Iida uses his Recipro Burst to save Uraraka from a piece of rubble that would have pinned her to the ground. Kendou also crushes a Starro drone to defend both of them. Uraraka then proves her own mettle by turning the droids' lasers on each other, destroying three by herself.
  • Midoriya heads out to take on the Starro robot all by himself with everyone cheering him on. Even he admits that it feels good to be treated like a winner as he proceeds to punch straight through the robot with a classic Superman flying pose, causing the crowd to roar with applause.
    Midoriya: So just like how the Justice Society used you to become better Heroes, I'm going to use you to get a start on it, with everything I got!
  • Midoriya ends up earning a whopping 175 Rescue and Villain Points in the practical exam, beating out All Might's record by ten points, making it the highest score in the history of the school!

    Chapter 9 - Deku's Pal, Katsuki Bakugou Part 1 
  • The Quirk Apprehension Test goes for Midoriya as well as we could have expected. With his powers, he breezes through all of them, ranking first place in all but one (the ball throw, where Uraraka gets higher than him) and even then he still comes as close second as he could.
  • And at the end of the chapter, we get to see his hero costume for the first time, with the House of El crest and all!

    Chapter 10 - Deku's Pal, Katsuki Bakugou Part 2 
  • Mineta gets underestimated by Tsuyu and successfully captures her with his sticky balls. If only he remembered to tie the capture tape around her...
  • Uraraka takes on Iida alone, nearly managing to touch the bomb despite her nervousness and lack of confidence and only failing because of Mineta clogging her boosters and making them explode. But when Iida goes to knock her out with a kick, his leg armor cracks when it strikes her costume, which is later revealed to be partially made of a feminum alloy, the same material Wonder Woman's bracelets are made from.
  • Dark Shadow utterly curb-stomps the Heroes vs. Villain's exercise by making a giant sword out of his hand to pierce straight through the building before gently touching the bomb with a "boop".
  • When her initial guile approach failed, Momo and Ashido decide to take the fight straight to the boys by punching holes straight up into the top floor where they kept the bomb. It isn't long before they overwhelm Ojiro and Sero with some excellent teamwork despite only just meeting yesterday.
    Ashido: Special delivery!
  • Despite Todoroki's belief that he could overwhelm Bakugou and Kendou at the same time, Bakugou easily repels Todoroki's ice with a few explosions.

    Chapter 11 - Deku's Pal, Katsuki Bakugou Part 3: Katsuki Bakugou: Secret Origin 
  • Bakugou ended up coming face-to-face with Death of the Endless as a child during his Near-Death Experience and loudly mouths off to her. Whether it's out of bravery or childish stupidity, it takes gall to flip off The Grim Reaper.
  • Bakugou continued to chase to dream after everyone from doctors to his own mother told him to give up, becoming one of the most formidable first-years despite his injuries.
  • Bakugou thoroughly trounces Shouto after being mocked and ridiculed during his first few days at U.A. He was fueled sheer spite from being told to give up and Shouto was even tempted to use his fire side before conceding.

    Chapter 12 - Deku's Pal, Katsuki Bakugou Part 4 
  • Bakugou throws his all at Midoriya, up to and including stuffing Midoriya's hood full of bombs and setting it off, blasting him out of the building, and throwing him to the floor to shoot explosions at his leg. Whether it's effective or not, you have to admire his tenacity.

    Chapter 13 - This is Not How A Bill Becomes a Law 
  • Mirio stalemates Midoriya for most their spar. It's not everyday that someone without any form of Super Strength can fight a Kryptonian to a standstill. If not for Midoriya's Nigh-Invulnerability, Mirio could have won.
  • Lexi brazenly walks into Nedzu's office and starts making demands. Her sheer confidence and ability to make it work is stunning, not to mention that she has her own teacher wrapped around her pinky finger already.

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