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Awesome / Nerve Damage

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Nerve Damage's moments of awesome await.

  • First things first...Shirou converting all of his nerves to Magic Circuits. Each one has less power than a standard circuit, but with over 2000 of them...
  • Shirou summoning FOUR Sabers. That is all.
  • And the ensuing beatdown Lancer gets.
  • The Sabers vs a powered up Berserker. He was summoned in Greece, giving him the ability to summon the Nemean Lion and Cerberus. Nero reenacts how Hercules killed the Nemean Lion, Alter takes out Cerebus with her own dark beast, and Berserker loses EIGHT of his twelve lives, many of them in one attack.
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  • Shirou's Kick the Son of a Bitch moment involving Shinji.
  • Caster Merlin CALMING DOWN Berserker Lancelot. He effectively knocked the Mad Enhancement out of him!
  • Caster Scathath schooling Lancer. And then going on to get 'that' itch scratched. Being Lancer is 'suffering' indeed.
  • The Zealot Assassin killing Zouken AND removing the Crest Worms from Sakura within three minutes of being summoned.
  • Lu Bu and Sasaki VS Alter and Lily.
  • The majority of chapter 10, including:
    • Hercules VS Seigfried. Thanks to Odysseus convinicing Illya to allow Hercules to come to his senses, Herc can fight to his fullest. His attacks actually have the near-invulnerable Seigfried FEEL the strikes. When Lancelot joins the fight, he manages to BLOCK Nine Lives, which is nine attacks all at hypersonic speeds.
    • Hector VS Lancelot. Hector has to keep his distance, and Lancelot just blocks his attacks.
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    • Merlin VS Odysseus. Merlin schools Odysseus, who has to use two Noble Phantasms just to survive.
  • Chapter 12 is pretty damn awesome all around.
    • Napoleon vs Gilgamesh Napoleon not only shows Gilgamesh that he can match the Gates of Babylon(via More Dakka ), he manages to prove that he's worthy of living by simply refusing to lay down and die. He gives Gil such a hard time, Gil draws out Ea!
      • Even more, Gilgamesh survived long enough to draw out Ea only because Napoleon spared him, just to enjoy his face at seeing his defences shattered and a cannonball pass near his face. Not even Alexander went that far... but to be entirely fair Gilgamesh DOES have shields and and such inside his Gate, but he never uses them. Ever. Why? Because he's too damn proud. The man can overcome All the World's Evil out of sheer ego. What did you expect? In a spin off, Gilgamesh gets turned into a kid, and loses that pride of his, and actually starts wielding that Gate of his to the maximum effect, using the tool most suited to the task at hand, rather than just firing random ones at his enemy, and it is horrifying to watch. It makes his normal self look like a complete chump.
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    • Moses vs Scathach. Moses shows that he wasn't the first prophet for no reason and Scathach manages to show him just why she is THE concept of Victory.
    • Samson vs Lancer. The Wrathbringer of God isn't just a fancy title, Lancer's speed is the only thing that keeps him from being a smear on the pavement.
    • However Lancer also have prove his worth as a Heroic Spirit in the battle as well, once Warp Spasm activates he is able to go against Samson to a standstill,case in point, Lancer can shrug off an Samson's A+++ Rank strikes to the face, and his axe couldn't even cut his skin. So Samson rips Lancer's arm off he just put it back on! Samson just have a WTF face and says "Now that is just Bullshit". A person literally powered by God, to a degree specifically based upon making him more powerful his enemy at any given time, says that.


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