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Awesome / Mr. Bean's Holiday

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  • Bean sneaks from the fully-packed audience of a cinema into the projectionist booth, hijacks the movie and replaces it with the footage in his camcorder, which he also edits on the fly to highlight aspiring actress Sabine — all because the Prima Donna Director trimmed out her scenes. Also a Heartwarming Moment, and a long way away from the guy who made a habit of running a baby-blue Reliant Robin off the road.
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  • An earlier scene involving an improvised opera and Pietà Plagiarism played for laughs.
  • Bean gets stuck in a small wooden shack, lifts the shack into the road, carries it off-screen, and gets hit by a truck. He then immediately walks on-screen, completely unharmed whilst the shack is evidently reduced to splinters.
  • Bean wanders into what appears to be just another rustic French town — which is then invaded by an entire squadron of Nazi soldiers, including a tank that blows up a nearby building. Turns out it's a set for one of Carson Clay's works... no, not a movie. He's filming a yogurt commercial. That could have easily been shown in Cannes over his Le Film Artistique.
  • While driving to Cannes, Sabine falls asleep at the wheel, and Bean has to take over from the passenger side. Cue him purposefully spinning the car out, and it then cuts to the interior of the car — where Bean is now in the driver's seat, and Sabine in the passenger side.

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