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  • When Mr. Smith wakes up to find that the guy he's been trying to blackmail is standing over him.
    Mr. Brooks: Don't worry. If I were here to kill you, you would already be dead. After you left today, I realized that our friendship was a little one-sided. So tomorrow night when we meet, if you'd be so kind as to bring all the pictures and the memory card from your camera. That way we could like each other simply for who we are. If you don't show up, I will presume that you've gone to the police, and I will kill you. Even if I go to jail because of you, Mr. Smith, someone will find you, wherever you are, and they will kill you.
    • The climax, when Earl Brooks finally reveals that he is truly a Magnificent Bastard:
      Mr. Brooks: (Smiling softly) I'm sorry, Mr. Smith. I really did want you to kill me. But in case at the last minute I changed my mind, I returned to your apartment and bent the firing pin on your gun. In fact I even brought another gun for you so you could finish me if I had decided to go through with it.
      (He opens his coat to reveal the spare pistol, as Smith tries once again to fire his own.)
      Mr. Brooks: Unfortunately for you, my daughter's pregnant and just before you pulled that trigger, I realized how much I want to see the end to that story.
      (Now in blind panic, Smith tries one last time to fire, and obviously fails.)
      Mr. Smith: You can't do this to me! If you touch even a hair on my head, the cops are going to find those pictures! They'll know that you killed that couple!
      Mr. Brooks: The contents of your safety deposit box, Mr. Smith, have vanished.
      (And with that, he swings the shovel into Smith's left arm; Smith howls in agony.)
      Mr. Brooks: Ooooh, hurts doesn't it?
      Mr. Smith: HELP ME!
      (Brooks silences him first by smashing him in the face with the shovel, then slicing his throat open with one swing. Smith topples to the ground.)
      Mr. Brooks: Before I was the Thumbprint Killer, Mr. Smith, I killed a lot of people... in a lot of different ways...
      (He dismissively tips Smith's corpse into the open grave.)

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