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  • The improvised edit of the Carson Clay movie, Playback Time, keeping his audio but with new visuals added by Bean, which uncannily match the narration if you pay attention.
    (Sabine taking instructions from Carson) How you hung on to my every word...
    (Sabine in the car with Bean) You are now in the arms of another.
    (Bean trying to chow down on langoustines) You are consumed by love.
  • One particularly funny bit is an expanded version of a bit from the series: Bean trying to score some money on the street by dancing to someone else's music. You haven't seen dorky till you've seen Mr. Bean busting a move to Shaggy's "Boombastic."
    • The subsequent opera he performs with Stepan is a riot.
  • When Bean finds his bicycle he finds it crushed, but luckily the camcorder is still working and was filming the entire time. He rewinds the footage and discovers a German World War II tank ran it over. Bean is confused for a few moments before scoffing, as in being just typical for France to be swarming with German tanks.
  • Mr. Bean's futile attempts at trying to cheer up Stepan after he was just forcibly separated from his father. The obviously vain attempts themselves are hilarious enough, but the icing on the cake is when Mr. Bean sticks ripped pieces of a flyer onto his eyelids and tongue and makes a pathetically funny face with them, only to get slapped away by Stepan.
    • Later in the movie, Bean and Stepan are separated. When they reunite, Stepan proceeds to greet Bean by... slapping him again. And then he introduces the music band that helped him travel there, with each member proceeding to slap Bean as a greeting as well.
  • While Mr. Bean and Stepan are in disguise, they are confronted by a guard who asks them for their ID. The ID is given to him and we see that the 'ID' is actually an obvious fake drawn on a piece of paper with pen, with a bad doodle of himself and Stepan in their disguises. Clearly, the guard is not amused and just glares at them for insulting his intelligence.

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