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    Season 1 
    Season 2 
  • "Unquiet Mind": Walt tracking down a serial killer. In a snowstorm. On foot. Without a vehicle or even a horse!
    Season 3 
  • In "Harvest", when Branch is confronting Vic after finding her draft of a letter to Walt about Branch's misdeeds/crazy
    • Vic: That macho intimidation bullshit may work on drunk girls at frat parties, but it won't work on me, so back the hell off!
  • 3x09 "Ashes to Ashes
    • The moment Cady reveals that Longmire is in the room just after Fales and the ADA enter.
    • Branch figuring out his father was behind the murder of Walt's wife and confronting him over it.
    Season 4 
    Season 5 
    Season 6 
  • "Goodbye Is Always Implied": Henry taking out his guard while handcuffed, freeing himself, and thinking to take not only the guard's gun but also his cell phone, which sets up the fake texts for backup later which let the good guys thin out the Mooks a little before taking on the Big Bad.
  • "No Greater Character Endorsement": Jacob cementing his redemption by admitting that he believes Walt's an honourable man despite their differences, and mentioning that he dislikes people having their land "stolen by rich, white men". The same rich, white men who called him on the stand to impugn Walt's character.

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