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  • The entire episode of "The Way Of The Intercepting Fist". First of all the obvious, Li Tsung (Bruce Lee). His first appearance, shows him fending off a gang of Long Shore-men from pounding on Longstreet. He is able to help identify the leader of the gang, Jim Bolte. After some persuasion, Li teaches Mike, Jeet Kun Do, so the latter can utilize his other senses to defend himself better. Only quitting when Mike gets too frustrated, but coming back when Mike asks him for help. Lastly laying into Mike a speech on "The Art of Dying." to snap him out of his need to win attitude. Second, is Longstreet himself. In between lessons, he forms a plan that involves challenging Bolte to a fist fight. To Duke and Nikki, Longstreet wants revenge, but Longstreet proves he can be a bit of a Genius Bruiser throughout the whole thing. He believes, that Bolte is working for a corrupt trucking business owner named Arvin. Who is suspected of Hijacking trucks, paying off the truckers for their silence and selling their goods in his name. If he connects Bolte with Arvin, he can have them both arrested. After challenging Bolte, his coworkers start talking about the fight, driving Bolte nuts. Which in turn, causes him to call Arvin on a payphone the cops tapped. Though that's not enough evidence. Mike makes good on his challenge and meets Bolte at the peer he is working, accusing him of assaulting him a week before the fight. He even asks Bolte's co-workers, why a blind man would come to fight without a reason. The fight starts off in Bolte's favor, even with Mike getting one good kick in. Then remembering Li's lessons, Mike proceeds to beat Bolte using only his hearing and sense of touch to guide him. Despite winning, that wasn't even Mike's intention. He wanted to last long enough that Bolte would lose face in front of his friends, and want to get even with him, but would need an Ok from Arvin and may actually go straight to Arvin where the Cops will get the drop on him. There's also the added bonus of his Co-Workers ratting him out, since Longstreet proved Bolte isn't as tough as he thought he was.