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     Mike Longstreet 
The title character played by James Franciscus. He's an insurance investigator, who was blinded in an attempt on his life. Despite his disability, he strives to continue to investigate insurance related crimes.

Tropes with Mike Longstreet include:

  • Defective Detective
  • Genius Bruiser: Even if he's getting into a fight, he has a plan that involves it. His fight with Jim Bolte was meant to shake him up, so he could connect him with Arvin.
     Nikki Bell 
Mike's former therapist turned personal assistant. When he needs both eyes and voice for description, she is there.

Tropes with Nikki Bell include:

  • Only Sane Woman: She keeps a level head despite the circumstances around her and disagreed with decisions that didn't seem right. When Mike went into training with Li Tsung, she agreed to it because she felt it would help him better himself; only protesting when he went to fight Jim Bolte.
     Duke Page 
Mike's Boss and best friend. He handles the business end of the insurance company Mike investigates for.

Tropes with Duke Page include:

  • Deadpan Snarker: He often butts heads with Mike this way regarding many things.
  • Only Sane Man: When Mike was training to fight Jim Bolte, he was the only one aside from Nikki to voice protest against it. Using a board game reenactment of the Battle of Thermopolaye as a means of trying to talk him out of it.
    Longstreet: You want the Persians to lose?
    Duke Page: I want them to retreat.
     Mrs Kingston 
     Li Tsung 
Played by Bruce Lee. An antiques dealer and practitioner of Jeet Kun Do. He later becomes Mike's teacher and helps him occasional on certain cases.

Tropes with Li Tsung include: