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Trivia / Longmire

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  • Actor Allusion: Peter Weller plays Longmire's predecessor (and Branch's uncle), Lucian Connally. He manages to see retirement this time around, unlike his last job in Old Detroit.
    • A subtle, possibly unintentional one in the pilot when discussing the prostitution ring being run out of the Rez it's said that one of the Johns wanted to "Poke a Hontas." Irene Bedard, who plays a minor role in the episode, was the voice of the animated version of Pocahontas.
  • California Doubling: the series takes place in Wyoming, but is filmed in New Mexico—a part of New Mexico that really does look a lot like Wyoming, though.
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  • Fake American: Robert Taylor (Longmire) is Australian.
  • Playing Against Type: Graham Greene is famous for his peaceful, stoic mentor roles, but here he plays the horribly corrupt and Faux Affably Evil ex-Reservation Police chief Malachai Strand.

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