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  • Kaitlyn's match with Eve Torres for her first Divas' championship, finally winning in her hometown of Houston, Texas, after going through a lot of crap to do so (such as being attacked backstage / having Eve purposely lose by countout repeatedly to keep the title). Especially the ending - after a sequence outside the ring in which Eve dumps Kaitlyn over the crowd barricade, Kaitlyn enters the ring from Eve's blind side and hits a spear that would have done Edge proud.
    • Crosses into Heartwarming when the backstage politics are considered. Eve was leaving the company to get married, so the original plan was to have Eve drop the title to Kaitlyn at the Royal Rumble and then quit. Selflessly, Eve was able to convince the company to move the match up about two weeks before the Rumble to the 20th anniversary of episode of Raw in Houston, which allowed Eve to leave early and Kaitlyn to win the title on a Milestone Celebration episode in her hometown.
  • Backstage at Extreme Rules 2013, Kaitlyn snd AJ Lee have a bit of an argument backstage. Kaitlyn purposely calls AJ "Looney Tunes", knowing it will make her snap.
    AJ Call me "Looney Tunes" one more time.
    Kaitlyn: (goofy laugh) That's all, folks.
    • After that, Genre Savvy viewers might expect AJ to snap and attack Kaitlyn... but instead, Kaitlyn attacks AJ once her back's turned.

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