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  • The NXT Kissing Contest:
    Matt: Kaitlyn you have to start again and yes I know this is the first time you ever had to kiss two people in the same night.
    Kaitlyn: It is! Please believe me.
  • The "How Well Do You Know Your Pro" challenge where one question was what did the rookie think their pro's first impression of them was. Kaitlyn suggested Vickie thought she was "so much prettier than her". Vickie's answer? A man.
    • And after the answer, Kaitlyn looks down at her boobs - as if checking to see she's still a woman.
    • Kaitlyn is also asked to predict what Vickie ranks her wrestling ability as. She picks the lowest score (because Vickie doesn't like her). Turns out Vickie voted a 3 and Kaitlyn looks so cutely happy at this.
  • While arguing with AJ, she describes Dolph Ziggler as "the adult Copper Tone baby"note 
    • Also, this gem: "since Dolph has this concussion, you are no longer the biggest headache in his life"

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