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  • Actor-Inspired Element:
    • Her secret admirer was originally scripted to just send her flowers and jewellery, with stock love notes in there. Kaitlyn requested that they be changed to something she herself would want to receive. See Geeky Turn-On on the main page. It also added a bit of Fridge Brilliance to the story when AJ was revealed to be behind the letters; who else but Kaitlyn's best friend would know exactly what she would want to receive?
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    • She also suggested that Tamina Snuka be the first one she feuded with as Divas' Champion. They had been working together on live events for months, and Kaitlyn wanted a bigger woman to work with.
  • Adored by the Network: Well by Triple H anyway. Kaitlyn says that Triple H always lobbied for her, especially against Vince.
  • Breakup Breakout: Averted. After the Chick Busters' break up, AJ was involved in high-profile angles with CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, and Kane, was made the General Manager of Raw on the 1000th episode on July 23, 2012 until October 22, 2012, and afterwards remained relevant with her feud with John Cena and her involvement with Dolph Ziggler; while Kaitlyn didn't do anything remotely as important, but she then entered a feud over the Divas Championship alongside Layla and Eve Torres, which ended in Kaitlyn winning the Divas title at Raw's 20th Year Anniversary on January 14, 2013.
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  • Contractual Purity: Averted. Despite having done racy pictures in the past, she was never affected by them. Ironically she had replaced Aloisa because the latter was found with erotic fetish photos.
  • Creator Backlash:
    • She mistakenly set a Tweet instead of a Direct Message complaining about the entrance music she got after re-debuting on Smackdown. Presumably this is the reason it was changed to the "Spin The Bottle" theme.
    • Wasn't a fan of the Total Divas vs True Divas storyline - mostly because she was still a Face but teamed with heels and found working the matches difficult as a result.
    • She hated the on/off again feud with Layla that never got properly started, finding it weird that they tried to portray them as best friends just because they had teamed together in a few random matches.
  • Dear Negative Reader: She never minded doing the sillier Diva segments like costume matches or Fanservice stuff - suggesting in a shoot interview that some fans wanted to see those things.
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  • Dye Hard: Her trademark Multicolored Hair of course.
  • Executive Meddling: Was pressured into being more girly when she first debuted. She talked about wearing an outfit that she described as 'tomboyish but still sexy' - but being told she wasn't allowed to wear it. Likewise AJ wasn't allowed to wear her Chuck Taylors at first, management preferring the girls to wear sparkly dresses.
  • The Pete Best: Was a last minute replacement for Vickie Guerrero's first NXT Rookie Aloisia but she ended up winning the contest. Despite that, she lost more matches and contests than AJ and the runner-up, Naomi (who was clearly the better competitor than them both).
  • Playing Against Type: When NXT was retooled into a developmental show, Kaitlyn appeared exclusively as a heel. Effectively the only time she had properly played one in her WWE career.
  • Real Life Writes the Plot: She was Brother Chucked after SummerSlam 2013 due to health issues, and didn't reappear until a few months later.
  • Reality Subtext: After Kaitlyn's Heel–Face Turn on NXT, she and AJ were suddenly presented as best friends - reflecting a real life friendship behind the scenes.
  • Wag the Director: Her winning the title from Eve was supposed to happen at the 2013 Royal Rumble, but Eve pressured the office into having it on the 25th Anniversary of Raw - as that was in Kaitlyn's hometown of Houston.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Her initial name in FCW was 'Ricky Vaughn' but was changed to Kaitlyn when she was chosen to appear on NXT Season 3. She apparently preferred the former, wanting a Tomboyish Name.
    • It's unknown how her career would have gone for two reasons. The first is that NXT Season 3 was going to be a mixture of male and female rookies (meaning the likely candidates would have been AJ Lee, Naomi, Maxine or possibly Aksana). Then Aloisa was dropped from the competition, giving Kaitlyn a chance to make it to TV.
    • She was planned to turn heel and join Beth Phoenix and Natalya as the third member of the Divas of Doom. If you watch Kaitlyn's matches on NXT Redemption and against the DOD on Smackdown, commentators definitely foreshadow the planned angle with suggestions as to how Kaitlyn would fare if Beth took her under their wing. Likewise Kelly Kelly and Eve had acquired the newly babyfaced Alicia Fox as their third member, clearly setting up a 6-Diva feud. But the segment showing Kaitlyn turning heel was cut from the broadcast. According to a former writer, it was planned to be re-shot but "some other Diva drama" happened backstage and Vince stopped the entire Divas of Doom storyline.
    • The Booker T assistant storyline was pitched by her and would have ended with her becoming the assistant. The storyline was okayed but at the last minute was changed to Eve Torres becoming the assistant instead.
    • Who knows how Kaitlyn's career would have gone had it not been for the infamous battle royal? A long standing rumour was that Eve had been scripted to win the battle royal, and eliminated herself by mistake. Kaitlyn confirmed these rumours after her departure, claiming that she was told they had to write her out of the storyline - but she lobbied to be included in it anyway. Speaking of her career, one has to wonder how would she have fared if she hadn't retired in 2014. Just over a year after that, WWE has since saw an influx of highly talented female wrestlers debuting. She did make a return in 2018 as part of the Mae Young Classic.
    • She was meant to be the one to interfere in Dolph Ziggler's match at the 2011 Royal Rumble, getting into a Cat Fight with Vickie Guerrero. Then they changed their minds and had Kelly Kelly do it instead. It's unknown if Kaitlyn would have also defended the title in the main event of Smackdown like Kelly did.
    • There were rumours that Layla was going to turn heel on her and lead an 8-Diva tag team match at WrestleMania 29. They shot a couple of segments hinting at it, but the storyline was abruptly dropped and the Divas didn't make it to the card at all. Layla did however turn heel on her months later during her feud with AJ.
  • Writer Revolt: She slowly started rebelling against WWE's attempt at giving her a Girliness Upgrade. During her feud with Eve, she abandoned her "sparkly spandex" in favor of street clothes and more tomboyish outfits.

General Trivia:

  • Was the first NXT Winner to win a title in WWE before any of her predecessors. Season 1 winner Wade Barrett became Intercontinental Champion after fellow contestants Heath Slater, David Otunga and Justin Gabriel had all held tag team gold. Season 2 winner Kaval asked for his release (or rather, was forced out in a way it could be said he asked for his release) before he could win any titles - and even then Michael McGillicutty (later Curtis Axel) would hold the Tag Team and Intercontinental titles. There has yet to be a Season 4 winner to hold a title in WWE.
  • In 2013 she was personally asked to grant a wish for the Make A Wish Foundation - the first time a WWE Diva had been requested since Kelly Kelly was still with the company.
  • Had no money in her account when she was called up to TV. She claims John Laurinitis gave her $1000 to buy wrestling gear and dresses to wear on TV. Additionally her first match ever was on NXT in front of a live crowd.
  • She shared an apartment complex with her NXT predecessor Aloisa. According to Kaitlyn, there were no hard feelings.

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