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Awesome / Inside No. 9

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  • Really, Pete's punching out Cthulhu moment in Séance Time counts as a moment of awesome. He thinks he's being confronted by some sort of demonic monster and his immediate response is not to scream or run but to punch it in the face. It's not his fault it was actually an actor in make-up.
  • In Last Gasp, Tamsin releasing the balloon in defiance of the adults. Especially impressive given that she had to get out of her wheelchair, detach her breathing tube and climb a flight of stairs, which clearly took her a lot of physical effort.
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  • In a meta sense, the 2018 Halloween special is definitely awesome as many people really were fooled by the technical difficulties message. Anyone who stuck around to watch the repeat of A Quiet Night In, only to see that the technical difficulties were actually part of the special all along were probably blown away.

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