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Tear Jerker / Inside No. 9

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  • The last few minutes of "The 12 Days of Christine", especially when 'Con Te Partirò' starts playing again and Christine hugs her son and says a final goodbye to her family and friends. Quite a shock from a show that is normally funny, creepy or scary.
  • In "Tom and Gerri", the revelation that Gerri was Dead All Along may count as this; especially given that it comes after the rather sweet scene where Gerri tells Tom she loves him and he's going to be OK.
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  • The scene in "Last Gasp" where Tamsin asks how many more birthdays she's going to have. Jan tries to reassure her, but Sally and Graham's conversation as well as Tamsin's obviously very serious condition suggest she doesn't have many left at all.
  • The Reveal in "Bernie Clifton's Dressing Room" that Len was Dead All Along, finishing with him and Tommy singing "Tears of Laughter" and performing together one last time.

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