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  • A small one at the beginning of the game, but your first battle is this. You, a Girly Girl, and a Playful Hacker with no apparent combat training between the three of you whatsoever, manage to beat three demons from the pits of hell into submission with nothing but your bare hands.
  • One definite example is a possible result of you taking up Kaido's challenge mid-way through. It's Honda and Kaido against your squad to see who can kill more demons. Kaido gleefully notes he loves a handicap when Yuzu points out it's 4 vs 2, making the odds two to one in your favor. However, you can instead send out just the main character, reversing those odds and royally pissing off Kaido. And still win.
  • The Main Character pulls one off on the third day of the Tokyo Lockdown, by beating up an (almost) immortal demon that was going to kill hundreds of people. How does he do it? With a picture of mistletoe on a cellphone strap.
    • And that doesn't mean all of his special attacks and magic suddenly started working on the demon either; The Main Character goes toe-to-toe and beats the demons down with his fists. Whether he's wearing the strap on around his wrist or using his cell phone as a knuckle duster is totally up to whatever the player feels would be most awesome.
    • Another awesome variant, this time from the manga: at the beginning of the fight, the MC does indeed starts wearing the strap around his wrist; however, the infuriate Beldr douses him in jets of fire, burning away the plant save for a tiny piece. Midori's Jack Frost freezes the remains, creating an ice knife with the mistletoe at its tip. The MC then proceeds to stab Beldr with said knife all the way to the back and consume him and his power whole.
      • And then it comes full circle in most endings when you have to fight ALL the Bel-demons again. Cue Curb-Stomp Battle for any adequately leveled player. Against a few Eldritch Abominations raging for your blood and the right hand of Lucifer, no less.
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  • On the 6th Day on Roppongi Hills, you can find Gin facing off against Azuma, outnumbered as he's surrounded by Shomonkai members. Unlike most other Escort Missions the game has issued thus far, Gin's own team is pretty competent; it's entirely possible for you to focus on clearing out the Shomonkai members and leave Azuma to Gin himself.
  • The game's various endings can be awesome for their own reasons.
    • Atsuro's ending involves altering the use of the demons' power for the benefit of the progress of humanity. It causes a singularity on par with the Industrial revolution. Even Metatron acknowledges that Humans Are Special.
    • With Naoya's ending, the protagonist embraces his role as the King of Bel, and leads a legion of demons to wage war with God. Metatron's stern email to the now-unneeded COMP looks pitiful in the face of this.
    • In Amane's ending, you finally get to fight Naoya. After spending years of manipulating you, controlling you, trying to shape you into the person he wants you to be as opposed to the person you are, not giving a damn about your friends or the innocent people around you, you can see his plans just blow up in his face. Its hard not to smile when Naoya drops that smug attitude and finally breaks down in front of you.
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    • In Gin's path, you command Babel to banish all demons from within the Yamanote Lockdown... and he does exactly that. Including your own. Which only makes it all the more awesome when you get to destroy that devil tower thing with your own fists and magic.
  • Showing Lucifer you're worthy of the mantle of King of Bel counts. Defying the Devil himself, he who calls himself your father - even braving Megidoladyne, at least twice, and more than likely four times, until he no longer has anything else to use against you. One can feel him smiling while he calmly states Belberith had zero chances against you.
  • The 8th Day scenarios from Overclocked have their share, but the crowning one is undeniably in Naoya's route. The lockdown's still in effect. Yuzu and Midori are still avoiding you. The Shomonkai are FURIOUS that you've killed Belberith. The government and SDF are too scared to fight back against the orders of the Angels. The Angels have taken center stage and are basically forcing the demon tamers trapped in the lockdown to hunt you down under pain of death, and it doesn't take a genius to figure out they'll kill said demon tamers anyway once they've outlived their usefulness. If the tamers FAIL to kill you, Metatron is going to vaporize the planet with God's Thunder. And through all of this, you're sparing the people trying to kill you, trying desperately to convince them you want to protect them from the angels, all apparently in vain. Things aren't looking good. At all. It comes to a head when you're surrounded in the park by tamers, begging you to let them kill you. Cue Yuzu's entrance. She calls out the tamers and declares her support for the heroes. The Shomonkai, led by Amane, are next to stand behind you, followed by Izuna and the SDF. The demon tamers themselves even realize they've been fighting the wrong people and tell Metatron himself to shove it. When the big guy himself comes down with an armada of angels, EVERYONE stands against him. It's AMAZING seeing the demon tamers fighting alongside the SDF and Shomonkai, after they had been enemies throughout the entire game. Seeing all these factions standing together against the Angels brings to mind all of the cowed kids on the playground finally nutting up and standing up to the big bully. And it is 100% awesome.
    • There's more to that. After the protagonist manages to defeat Metatron in combat, he attempts to call down Michael, Uriel, Raphael, and Gabriel to kill everyone. The protagonist's response is to use the power as King of Bel to call forth several demons to attack him, including Belial and Beldr.
    • Yuzu and Midori get another one in the evil Naoya 8th Day that arguably tops their actions in the good version. Distraught at your wanton slaughter of the tamers fighting against you, Yuzu and Midori stand against you, lead a small group of Demon Tamers to take you on despite your incredible power, and their determination to do so is so strong that Metatron not only praises their bravery, but descends from Heaven to help them. It doesn't work out, but it says a lot about the the two that they were willing to face off against somebody they both thought as a friend, moreso in Yuzu's case, while knowing that they had no real chance of winning.
  • Defeating Okuninushi in Amane's eighth day. Okuninushi told the protagonist that he'd abdicate Japan if the protagonist redeemed Naoya. All efforts failed, and Okuninushi prepared for Japan's destruction and recreation, causing the heroes to engage him in battle. He can revive a limitless amount of times, and after the second, despair hits the party. However, Naoya shows up and prevents Okuninushi from reviving again while calling Okuninushi out for ignoring being killed by his brother twice while the protagonist stood up to it and forgave Naoya. After he is defeated, Okuninushi sees that Naoya has actually taken a single step towards redemption. While he knows that Naoya can snap back, he accepts that this slight change is enough for him and abdicates Japan to God. And of course, since this is an Atlus True Final Boss, you WILL feel satisfied.
  • Yuzu's 8th Day good ending. Metatron warned you in the original version that you would regret your decisions until peace returned to Earth. In the 8th day, you regret your decisions for about a day before you've managed to fix everything.

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