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  • Completing the original Contra without the use of the Konami Code. Now that has to be a reward to an experienced gamer.
  • Contra III's Stage 4 consists of a Battleship Raid against Red Falcon's gigantic airship. How is this Stage awesome? When you attack the airship's core, your helicopter launches a series of missiles with you climbing on top of each missile as you attack the core.
  • Getting an S rank in Shattered Soldier and Neo awards you with these two Funny videos: this and this.
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  • The final battle with the Relic of Morai in Shattered Soldier and the final battle with Master Contra in Neo Contra.
  • The entire intro to Neo Contra. Cutting a plane in half without budging, killing dozens of enemies, riding missiles & dinosaurs, and killing giant robots with the power of teamwork? Hell yes.
  • In Hard Corps, we get GTR (or Super Power Robot Yokozuna), who happens to be a large blue humanoid robot that has some skilled attacks. However, there are two things that just add up the awesome factor: his intro (he runs alongside the train you're walking on and then goes in front of it, stopping it with his own hands) and his creative death (he falls off of the train and gets smashed to pieces by said train). The Contra creators must've thought that this was an awesome boss, because a MKII version of GTR appears in Shattered Soldier. That one also stops the train with its bare hands after catching up to the train.
  • Meta-wise, the concept of Contra, if you consider how it touches in with the pop culture of the time. It's basically "John Matrix teams up with John Rambo and they kick Alien ass, action movie style.note ". How is that not awesome?


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