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  • A lot of the fights in this fic are pretty awesome, even when some do end kinda anticlimactically.
  • Ranma and Yukari playing a game of wits during the prank war doubles as a Funny Moment. However, things get serious when Yukari accidentally curses Ranma with a lethal bad luck spell. He gets slashed in the stomach by Haruo, caught in a gasoline fire, bitten by Kurumu's new venomous tail, nearly raped by Tobaki, attacked by Richard again (and that one wasn't even part of the curse), ambushed by a grue in the boy's bathroom, and hit in the head by a washbin with three bowling balls inside. Yet after all of this abuse, Ranma still has enough energy to destroy the bad luck spirit that was possessing his body.
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  • Ranma and Chopper's fight in Chapter 6.
  • Chapter 7, ALL OF IT. Tsukune, Moka, Kurumu and Yukari fighting the Netherworld enforcers ending with Inner-Moka finally getting released, curbstomping the same enforcers and decapitating Richard. Ranma scaring off the 'Boss Spider' by staring at it. Finally, ending the chapter with the much anticipated Ranma vs Inner-Moka fight which destroyed much of the school.
  • For the Author. Keito is a cold-blooded, manipulative killer with no respect for Tsukune or his friends. She goes from being a rather generic villain to a well-rounded and deep character without seriously altering her character, making her more sympathetic, or making her act out of character when she goes into hysterics and breaks down crying when she thinks Tobaki has died. It was in-character but completely unexpected, and she appears to return to normal later, but it's the first sign that she actually has some feelings that are genuinely genuine, as opposed to purely being a Manipulative Bastard.
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  • Everyone, from a magical cat to Keito, taking turns totally dismantling Ruby's (and Oyakata's, since Ruby's just parroting her) Humans Are the Real Monsters beliefs.

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