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As is the case will all pages detailing Moments of Awesome, Spoilers Off

  • The absurdly insane fight between The Alliance and the Hero Faction in Kyoto.
  • After Kendra overreacts to going shopping with Akeno and blaming Harry for it, Harry gets her back by dying her entire body pink, then using Refuge in Audacity to talk to her about his Plausible Deniability, and how the prankster "might" have committed the act.
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  • Harry calling out a Rating Game official for a ruling that seemed to balance out Sona and her opponent's teams while actually being unfair to Sona. The official tried to claim that he just misspoke, but gave the impression that he was backtracking after getting caught.
  • Harry working in tandem with Asia and Issei to heal Sairaorg's mother.
  • Sona's team using a modified version of the language-altering spell to make them fluent in both English and Klingon, since Language doesn't work on ConLangs, and using the original version to make it so that none of the members of the opposing team can speak the same language.
  • Akeno, thanks to Harry's training, manages to force Sairaorg's Queen into using a technique that uses portals and an anti-friction spell to accelerate a metal ball beyond terminal velocity, causing her and Akeno to both faint.
    • Props go to Harry's jacket-making skills as well, as Akeno's jacket actually manages to prevent it from penetrating, even if it's completely drained in the process and Akeno breaks two ribs.
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  • Kiba, Rossweisse, and Gasper giving a good showing against Sairaorg.
  • Rias and Asia defeating Regulus by using illusions, the Power of Destruction, Snoepglas and a spell that makes glue to trap him in a pit with no means to escape.
  • Issei versus Sairaorg. Issei pretty much dominates the fight thanks to his skill and his strategic ability, and wears down Sairaorg and Regulus (in his armor version) to the point that Regulus is forced to retreat.
  • Harry quickly figures out that Rias and Sona are planning on throwing him, Takako Senju, and Shiro Yoshimo a surprise party as thanks for helping their Peerages train for the tournament.


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