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As is the case will all pages detailing Moments of Awesome, Spoilers Off

  • The introduction. Harry is fighting He Who Walks Behind, in the Outside. And holds his own.
    I was fighting a monster on a pile of bones. Wait. Let me rephrase that. I was feeling firsthand what it felt like to have had your ass kicked eighteen different ways from Sunday, by a creature that could probably throw down against Mab, so far beyond the Gate that any chance of me ever seeing it again was probably laughable, all atop a mountain of bones so vast and ancient that if atmosphere actually existed in this region of the Nevernever I would probably need an oxygen tank to be able to breath.
  • When he soulgazes Raynare, confirming that Fallen and the like in Bizarro!World have free will and souls the same as mortals do, what Raynare sees is so horrifying that she has a Villainous Breakdown, begging Issei to keep Harry away from her. Later, when frustrated by Azazel's patronizing attitude during the Kuoh conference, he soulgazes the leader of the Fallen to get him to take him seriously, and it works.
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  • Harry managing to give Kokabiel a hard time with a Soulfire cord around the neck.
  • Harry managing to successfully create a defense against Light that Devils can use.
  • Harry managing to escape Dimension Lost's Pocket Dimension, Flipping the Bird at the Hero Faction before the portal closes.


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