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Shout Out / Beyond the Outer Gate Lies...

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You can't have Harry as the main narrator without smartassery and tons of Shout-Outs. This page is about the latter.

Beyond the Outer Gate Lies...

  • The story begins with Harry trapped with a Walker on the wrong side of the Outer Gates while the Eldritch Abomination tries to make him give up all hope. What does he do? Paraphrase Rorschach at the Outsider, of course:
    He Who Walks Behind: Wizard! How long do you think you can continue, Mortal! You may have closed the Gates, you may have stopped us, but you cannot escape anymore! You have locked yourself in here, with us!
    Harry: I'm not locked in here with you, you're locked in here with me!
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  • When Harry was furious at himself for letting Rias — whom he mistook for the kind of devil he knew — escape with a wounded Issei, he started to paraphrase the Litany Against Fear:
    Harry: Yes. Calm. Calm is what I am. I am made of calm. Calm is the little mind killer, and I shall let it pass through me.
  • Harry psyched himself up for his apology to Sona and her Peerage by telling himself "Face the peril, Harry. Face the peril".
  • Harry once said Lash was kinda like Harvey without the bunny ears ("at least normally").
  • When Koneko exhorts Kiba to keep him from letting himself to be consumed by vengeance, Harry described her expression as "the kind of look that would condemn anyone to the special hell that only puppy kickers and movie theater talkers go to" if you betray it.
  • When Issei let the Bromantic mood get a little too far, Harry quiped that he better leave "before someone breaks out the Natty Ice and the GameCube."
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  • Right after Harry tracks down Kokabiel, he steps in to stop Irina and Xenovia from attempting a Leeroy Jenkins.
  • This exchange:
    Freed: Eh? What's this? Devils? And exorcists? And dragons? And wizards?
    Harry: Oh, my!
  • Right after Sona pinches Harry's cheeks for admitting to try to get his hands on firearms.
    Sona: [pretends Harry's complaints have nothing to do with her]
    Harry: Oh, I see how it is. And now we see the oppression inherent in the system. Come on everyone, come see the oppression inherent in the system.
    Tsubasa: [laughs] Is that Monty Python?
    Harry: [smiles at her] At last! A believer in this land of heathens!
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  • Leonardo gives Harry Children of the Corn vibes.
  • Harry compares the core members of the Hero Faction to Alice in Wonderland characters. Georg quips back whether he realizes he just cast himself as the eponymous girl lost in a strange world (which is possibly intentional on Harry's part given his situation in Bizarro World).
  • When the Student Council sees Harry's ring collection:
    Tomoe: Oh, I bet they're magic! What do they do, Dres-chan?
    Harry: Well, one of them is the ring to rule them all and in the darkness bind them, but I ended up dropping that one in with the others, so now I wear them all because I can't tell which is the right one. [notices the lack of reaction] Right, Japan. Different taste in literature…
    Reya: Ah, wasn't that from The Lord of the Rings?
    Harry: [fondly] Ah, another believer in these pagan lands.
  • When Harry asked Azazel whether Devils are polygamous:
    Harry: So then, it's not always just the "one man, multiple women" that I've seen going on here?
    Azazel: Ha! Not always. Sometimes it's the other way around. Sometimes, it's one man with multiple men for that matter. Or woman on woman too. That one's my favorite.
    Harry: I am Jack's complete lack of surprise.
  • When meeting Sirzechs, Harry tries to be polite, but he cannot avoid dropping in a "Sympathy for the Devil" reference - which Sirzechs immediately answers to, shocking Harry.

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