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  • Upon being convinced by a Yochlol to see her true form, Ranma sprints away in fear. When he stops, the first person he thinks to compare it to is... Kodachi.
  • In a stunning moment of pure Takahashi-flavor goodness, Yukari didn't turn the page on a spell she'd used to discover the complete list of effects. Hilarity Ensued.
  • Yukari's reaction (and subsequent declaration of minionhood) when Ranma rates the curse she put him under. He rates the curse at a six of ten (for being pretty dangerous, but also pretty easy to cure) and then goes on to state that he won't lose in their prank war. Yukari, realizing that she's nowhere near well equipped to handle the curse that was just lifted, let alone whatever Ranma thinks is an appropriate response, prostrates herself before him, all but chanting "I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy."
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  • Ranma channeling Popo from DBZ Abridged.
  • Jin's plan for the possibility that humanity discovers Youkai Acadamey:
    The trio stared for several seconds before Keito decided to state the obvious. "This is a Cuban passport and a Spanish-Japanese dictionary."
    "Naturally, I've already mastered the basics of the language ahead of time," Jin said smugly. "Me llamo Jin! Como estas?"
  • Jin's retreat plan also included mandatory acts of cowardice including the fetal position, bidding behind small objects,and clutching security blankets.
    • During the retreat we also get this excellent line:
    "Remember, screaming in terror is encouraged, but not mandatory!"
  • Ranma killing a twenty-pound spider with a plunger, wearing nothing but a towel. What makes this even more hilarious is that the spider had a health bar.
  • Kurumu's Imagine Spot where she gives Tsukune a love letter. Her fantasies were like a cheesy romance novel with melodramic crying, Tsukune being buff and charming and carrying her into his room to help 'propagate her species'. But here's the kicker, after throwing Dream Ranma out the room, he had this to say:
    "Just for the record, only in your dreams could TSUKUNE Judo-throw ME across a room! Got it?"
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  • Jadeite is usually a humorless jerk but he manages to give us this little gem after he sees Yukari's wand for the first time:
    "Before you go any further," Jadeite said suddenly, causing the young witch to freeze, "I just want it on record that I hate your stupid-looking wand," he explained in a completely normal tone of voice. "And by extension, you as well. Carry on."
  • The reactions of the Student Council when they realize that Moka is the new liaison for the Protection Committee.
  • ALL of Chapter 15. All of it.
  • Ranma has to go to Tokyo with Jadeite and Richard because Jadeite want's to sic Richard on the Sailor Senshi in revenge for what they did to him. Richard reveals that while he'll follow-through with the plan eventually, he also plans to enjoy this vacation, and begins a magical musical montage. It doesn't stop there. Listing all the funny parts would be too long, but the notable ones include:
    • The montage ending with everyone's arrest, their escape through bribery, Jadeite drowning his sorrows at a bar, and then proving he can still be a Manipulative Bastard by getting Richard free reign.
    • Richard versus the sailor Senshi, a fight decided entirely by their introductory speeches instead of gruesome violence.
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    • Ranma visiting Nerima and checking to make sure that neither he nor any of his friends/fiancés have monstrous heritage. Happosai doesn't and Ryoga claims of "seeing hell" are exaggeration, but the amazons have some inhuman ancestry mixed in. Also, when he meets each person bar two he gets beaten up. Ukyo and Akane both whack him hard for leaving without saying good bye, despite Ranma's attempts at being polite. The two exceptions are Nodoka and Happosai. Ranma lampshades how freaky it is that he gets hurt when he tries to be polite to his friends, but that Happosai's response to being attacked, kicked into a metal bell, and having his "treasure" scattered to the winds is to greet Ranma politely and exchange small talk.
    • Richard goes to the Tendo house to meet Genma, and is pointed to the dojo after politely talking with Kasumi. The panda pulls off a glorious bait-and-switch and completely thrashes Richard. And he treats it as business as usual. Proof that this is the man who made Ranma who he is.
  • Kouma getting stuck in a Cone of Shame.
  • In Chapter 18 the Youkai Academy bus shows up right when the fight with Kuyo and the old Protection Committee is getting serious. Upon realizing that Ranma is probably on the bus, Kuyo and his subordinates show genuine fear, and even Inner Moka gets a little nervous. A figure stands up in the bus, and Richard walks out, at which point everyone breathes a sigh of relief that it isn't Ranma. Then Ranma kicks him out of the way and walks out and everyone begins swearing violently. Goes to show you that Ranma is considered an in-universe Game-Breaker.
  • Also, at the end of the chapter, Kouma realizes that he was pretty much The Load in this encounter, in spite of usually being one of the groups strongest members.
  • Anytime someone describes their abilities and powers in Dungeons & Dragons terms.

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