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Tear Jerker / Big Human on Campus

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That's right, buried underneath all of the side-splitting comedy and action-packed fight scenes, there are some sad moments in this fic.

  • There are a few examples that stand out since unlike canon Rosario + Vampire that had characters break into tears for just simple misunderstandings, all of the characters in this story are not prone to showing such emotion. This makes the tearjerkers (which are few and far in-between) far more poignant when emotions do show.
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  • Moka's What the Hell, Hero? moment in chapter 8 when she had to explain 'Evil Moka' to an irate Kurumu is kind of sad. Moka admitted that she didn't usually keep her other self a secret before she met Ranma because she was, if subconsciously, afraid of him. This caused Tsukune to tear into her for not trusting Ranma even though the martial artist has save their lives time and again. Moka's response is that she doesn't trust violent people (herself included). Can you imagine someone living inside your body one day coming out and actually hurting your friends and there's nothing you can do about it. What's really heartbreaking is that Moka isn't really afraid of Ranma hurting her, that's just Inner-Moka's pride, and admitting she doesn't trust Inner and refuses to let her out.
  • It's Played for Laughs, but Ranma considers Inner Moka's attempt to throttle him a nicer greeting than what his friends gave him back in Nerima.


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