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[Wii] Amazing looking, fun game with a lovely OST. Forget the Sonic Cycle!

After one accident and a half, I was quite surprised that this is a 3D Sonic game that possibly turned out to be the best of the 3D games yet. To keep things simple:

  • Mesmerizing music: Catchy, fits the context, and varied.
  • Gorgeous graphics: Is this really a Wii game? Apparently so.
  • Simple story: Focuses only on the three main characters, with any other relevant plot details kept concise.
  • Lovely levels: In general, there are 2 main acts, some shorter "side" acts, and a boss, in each zone. Expect a lot of variety in terms of exploration, speed, and use of wisps. Getting an S-rank will require a lot of work.

  • Short: It doesn't last that long unless you plan on 100%ing it.
  • Easy: At least to breeze through it. 100% Completion will require a lot more work.
  • Too many 2D sections; not enough 3D ones. Though that MIGHT be what makes this game good, so who knows?


I've played both versions of Sonic Colors for the Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii and I feel this game is overrated.

First I will mention the things I liked, which is the graphics and the Sonic Unleashed Daytime styled gameplay. I also liked most of the music in the game, except for Speak With Your Heart which is cheesy.

The things I didn't like were the plot, the comedy, the voice acting, the DS version's length, and how overrated it is. It would have been better of the plot was an excuse plot like in Sonic Generations, mainly since there really wasn't a plot until Asteroid Coaster and by the time you are there the game's almost over. The comedy wasn't that funny and seemed kind of forced, I would have liked if they went the Sonic Unleashed comedic way. I liked how the DS version wasn't comedic at all. For voice acting I liked the 4Kids V As the most, but I liked some of the new voice acting more than the Adventure voice actors such as Sonic and Tails. The DS version has short length probably because it is based on Sonic Rush which does make sense, but it still felt short.

To be honest Sonic Unleashed and even Sonic 2006 were better games, not because they were in HD. But I haven't played the 360 version of either so when I do I'll post my reviews on those and see which are better.

An adventure of colorful proportions! (Wii Version)

Sonic Colors is Sega/Sonic Team reaction to the positive response of Unleashed Day Stages.After the positive reaction to the day stages Sega/Sonic Team decide to built a game around the day stages to see how will the game will do, how'd it due? It was fantastic out in reception and among the fan base is consider to be a great game, my own view though is that the game a very fun light hearted adventure and the only major Sonic game where Sonic the Hedgehog( as in form) is the only playable character.

It also introduce a race know as wisp in witch each give Sonic abilities such as boosting, transforming into a laser, and launching as a rocket, and more Combine that with Sonic day stage gameplay and you got an awesome game!

Despite that compared to day-stages in Unleashed. (360/PS 3 Version) The game flaw is that it dumbed down the gameplay, such as only being able to use Sonic's ability (Quick steps, Drift, etc,) at certain areas where in Unleashed you can use all the ability at anytime.There also the fact that the game trick system is severely babied up, in Unleashed you click buttons that appear on screens as quick as can, here it reduce to clicking the same button over, and over again, rather bland. And speaking of bland the 3d sections are this as well, they tend to be empty on occasion and are usually uninspiring, only mainly being use for rail switching, there are time when being 3d is fun but chances are you won't even remember it because the game seems to forget it a 3d games you spend most of the time in 2d which is also a major flaw.

Another problem is that the bosses tends to be rehashes of the earlier bosses which kinda tells you how much effort was put into that department.

With that said the 2d sections are allot of fun and is a step up from Unleashed, but this is 3d game, Sega or Sonic Team seems to forget that in this game.

Overall it is a bit of a step down compared to Unleashed Day-stages but it still a very fun game overall, and what recommended definitely!

Sonic Team has finally gotten their shit together

Well, I bought this game, thinking this game was going to be as bad as I've expected 3D Sonic games to be. I haven't played many 3D Sonic games, but out of the ones I have played before this (Shadow The Hedgehog, Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, Sonic Heroes, and Sonic and The Secret Rings) only 2 have been good. I bought both the Wii and DS versions, kept the reciepts, and prepared myself for terribleness. What I got made me tear up my reciepts after I finished the first level. This game is an absolute blast to play. I only put this game down once, and that was when I realized I should've eaten dinner 3 hours ago. The voice acting is superb, the writing is top notch, and the Sonic's growing gallery of friends has been limited to Tails, one of two of Sonic's friends who were around when the franchise was still good(the other is Knuckles.). I recommend the DS version myself. I only have one complaint: The Rocket Wisp is hard to control, but other that that, this game is one of the best every, and I just hope Sonic Team keeps up the good work. But Sonic Team is walking a thin line. They had better not screw up any future Sonic games. They should keep working on any future games until their as streamlined as possible, I don't care if they work on it for 5 months or five years. Anyways, if you buy only one game this year, then you're either poor or a hermit. But you should totally buy Sonic Colors.


Colours was released during a time where it seemed like Sonic's Dork Age was finally starting to end. Those hopes seemed to have been shot by the apparently disappointing Sonic 4 (I didn't see what was so awful about it) until we got this game a few weeks later. And The Fandom Rejoiced. It's been about a year now, so does it hold up now that the new game smell's worn off?

Sort of.

Taking a cue from Sonic Heroes (my favorite 3D Sonic game), this game lightened up in tone of its plot, and I think that works to its advantage. Sonic's character works better with this kind of plot than with other kinds. It has also thinned out, allowing players to get on with the gameplay faster.

Has the gameplay improved any from Unleashed? No. It's the same thing, sans Werehog. Sonic can also now double jump, but it's difficult to control and usually doesn't add much. This game's resident gimmick are wisps. I've only played the console version, which has Drill (you dig underground, which controls like the rockets in Sonic Rush's Dead Line zone), Laser (angle yourself and reflect off crystals), Rocket (pretty much just a spring that lets you skydive), Hover (self-explanatory, adds light dash), Spike (allows sticking to walls and powerful spindash), and Frenzy (you become a monster which eats things and controls like ass in 3D). There's also white wisps, which are the only thing in the game that allows you to boost. Wisps work well as a gimmick, though some definitely could have been put to better use. Rocket feels pointless, and Hover is far too slow.

Level design is pretty much the exact opposite of Unleashed. Now, instead of too little platforming, there's too much. The majority of the game is in 2D instead of 3D, and what 3D there is feels like pointless straightaways. The platforming is overabundant, speed restrictive, and feels like it'd be more suited to Mario than Sonic. The white wisps are sparse enough to where you never feel like you have enough boost as well.

Graphics are gorgeous for Wii, however. The level thematics are fantastic, especially Planet Wisp. This being a Sonic game, the music is as good as it gets, and the new voice actors perform their roles extremely well. The problem as I see it is that it doesn't make me care enough to play again.

The Good and the Bad

Since most everyone has already said what I would say, I'll just add what I like and dislike about the game, as a longtime Sonic gamer.


  • It's basically Sonic Unleashed, without the stupid werehog levels! That's a step in the right direction.
  • Side-scrolling is back, and it mixes well with the third-person too, it never seems too jarring.
  • The wisp gimmick is actually well-executed and doesn't take over the whole a certain werehog did for instance.
  • The script for the cutscenes is funny and entertaining.
  • The graphics are nice.
  • Thus far (I'm about half-way through), the difficulty doesn't seem too easy nor too bone-crushingly difficult (Sonic Heroes comes to mind).
  • All of the extra stuff (getting an S rank, collecting the red coins) isn't required. This really pissed me off about Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Heroes and other Sonic games.


  • Sega is still grading us on how well we do on the levels. That's bugged me ever since Sonic Adventure.
  • A lot of the time during the side-scrolling portions, Sonic is microscopic on the screen. Maybe I just have a small TV and bad eyesight, but there's been a few times where not being able to see what I'm doing because Sonic is so tiny has led to death. Seeing the whole level isn't as important as seeing Sonic.
  • No 1-ups for getting 100 rings. What's the point of getting a lot of rings then? Which by the way is really hard now due to...
  • No force fields. What, are force fields for wimps now?
  • No spin-dash. A mainstay since Sonic 2.

Anyway, the pros do out-weigh the cons, and this is still the best Sonic game to come out in years. And it's all us Wii-playing Sonic fans are going to get sadly, since both Sonic Generations and Sonic 4: Episode 2 aren't for Wii. I'm still angry about that.

Sonic Colors

Sonic Colors was annoucned suddenly after Sonic 4:Episode One and since that game was looking to be a diaster, everyone was hyped. With the introduction of wisps, aliens that could give Sonic Powers. This game was releashed in 2010, and everyone bought it. But did it worked up to everyones expections? Well, lets find out.

Gameplay: 3/5

The gameplay was a step up from Sonic Unleashed- No werehog in sight, and more platforming added in. But some people, including me, thought too much platforming was added. Honestly, Sonic should not be completly platformed based, but not completly speed-based either. Also, while on the topic of platforming, I would like to add that the majority of the game is 2D, and thus, much much more platforming. Sonic has been given a double jump too, but it's useless, and is only used for stuff like changing Sonic's Trajetory. Gameplay gets a 3/5.

Story: 5/5

The story is as simple as you can get- Eggman captures Aliens, and uses them to create a mind control ray, Sonic Saves Day. The Simplicty reminds me of the oringal Sega Genesis games' story of "Eggman captures Animals, turns them into robots to aid him in his schemes, Sonic Saves Day"

Graphics/Sound: 5/5

This game is on the wii, so you may be thinking "This game will be just like Sonic Unleashed Wii!" Well, you are wrong.The engine is the Hedgehog Engine from the HD veriosn of Sonic Unleashed, so of course, the graphics will be awesome. Sound, once again like graphics, are awesome. The tunes you listen to can be in your head a long time.

Overal: 4.5/5

This game, is a good game.With somewhat average gameplay, simple story, and awe-inducing grapics, what is there not to like? Sadly, HD users will have to buy a Wii or 3DS to play this masterpiece. This game gets a 4.5/5 score. 2D platforming may be awesome, but not too much next time, okay? I recomened this for casual players.

Good Game; overhyped

Ah, Sonic Colors, the game that is apparently the Sonic Series Messiah, the one that snapped the polygon ceiling in two. What can we say about it? Well, its a good game to be sure, no denying that. Perhaps the best since SA 2. The Graphics are good, the physics are amazing (for the Wii at least), and it has Sonic's trademark speed back, and in full force. By all accounts, its a good, perhaps great game. But it doesn't really hold up to the hype. Why? well i'll try to explain. First off, the Polygon Ceiling thing. That whole trope is a bunch of baloney really (basically amounts to "We don't like this game in 3D, it must have hit a ceiling somewhere). What astounds me is that the Adventure series gets hit with that label. And implying that Sonic Colors broke that Ceiling is implying that its better than the Adventure series, and, at least in my opinion, it's no where near that good. The controls are decent, but they can get confusing. A problem that the series has been hit with since Heroes is back, what I like to call the floating continent syndrome. Basically, the whole game is hovering over a bottomless put pretty much all the time, which leads to entirely too many pitfalls. Now you could argue its justified in this game, and you'd be right, but that still doesn't make it less of an annoyance. The 2D sections are another thing. Some of them are pretty good, but in general, all they seem to do is slow down the experience. And The music? well, its lackluster to say the least, with a few gems (like the coaster level, pure gold) I could dump on the storyline, but its simplicity is enjoyable even if it is a bit silly. All in all, while I would have to recommend this game, I will also have to say that it's not really a return to Sonic's former glory. That would be reserved for the excellent Sonic Generations. all in all, i give this game a 7.5/10. (good)

The Real Rebound

Sonic returns in an all new platformer/adventure game for the Nintendo Wii and after a long long time of poor game choices and dumb gimmicks Sonic finally harkens back to the simplicity of the Genesis with the story fun of the Adventure Series.

The game play provides classic Sonic style speed and adventure with old time platforming. Sonic Team managed to avoid getting too hard too quickly like they did in Sonic The Hedgehog 2006. The camera is probably the best its ever been in any Sonic 3D game ever. Camera screw was so magnificently avoided in this I was impressed. The game play is well managed and well developed and doesn't suffer from fault physics.

Storyline is pretty simple with cut scenes with new voice actors but in the Wii version far fewer characters than recent games. You stick with Sonic through the whole game play and aren't forced to alternate to other terrible characters. The writing is quirky and funny and aimed for a younger crowd but takes me back to the old Adventures cartoon series of the 90s (Both Sat AM and Weekday).

The whisps are surprisingly fun to play, like Saw, Laser, Rocket and Drill. The underwater stages were the most fun I've ever had in any water stage in any Sonic game ever. Past games from Genesis to Present Sonic has been slow in water making water stages pure Nightmare Fuel. In this game Sonic has gained super jumping skills allowing you to jump high and fast through the water. With enough Speed you can also run right across the water making it unnecessary to go under. But should you go under the classic air bubbles are back complete with the fun sound effect from Sonic's old school games. And yes the drowning music is even back too.

Flaws are The Law Of One Hundred does not apply in this game to give you the extra lives needed to complete the more difficult levels. Homing Attack is a little shaky again and not as refined as the Homing Attack in the Adventure Games. Regardless Sonic Colors is a winner and a must play for Sonic Fans, it is even better than the Retro Sonic 4. I give this game a very enthusiastic A-.

Like a controllable rollercoaster ride with many alternate paths

Sega keeps trying new things with Sonic, and they've been criticized for a lot of it. Heavily overemphasizing speed at the expense of platforming, having on-rails sections, turning Sonic into a werewolf, or having his friends play a major role, are all things they've tried in the past to mixed degrees of success.

But the ideas they tried here work. Sonic Colors is actually one of the most fun Sonic games I'd played in a long time. It tries a lot of gameplay ideas that just work.

The level design is very much "go forward from beginning to end", but with a surprising amount of variety in just how you do that. There are sections where you have complete 3D freedom over your movement, sections that are 2D side-scrolling areas, sections where you run forward automatically and instead have to sidestep quickly, grinding sections, automated vehicles you can ride and even jump on, sections that require the use of your homing jump to get through quickly, sections where you fall through the air and aim your landing as seen from an overhead perspective, sections where you're chased and have to avoid an enemy's attacks, and more. It's like a controllable rollercoaster ride.

The gameplay just keeps changing many times within a single level, and it all flows smoothly. There's no glitches, no misfiring springboards that send you to your death or scripts that break.

But what adds a lot more depth to this game is one thing modern Sonic games have forgotten: alternate routes. There's a lot of them in the levels, giving them a feel much like the old Genesis Sonic games, albeit with more focus on speed. Exploration is encouraged, particularly with some of the powers you can earn such as the drill (go underground) and spikes (climb walls and ceiling) powers.

Plus the game has another feature that I really appreciate: a sort of "endurance run" mode that goes through all the levels straight in order, with no breaks inbetween. Very old-school.

This is a Sonic game that combines some of the different types of action the series has tried all into one game, taking the best aspects of several Sonic games and avoiding the pitfalls, while turning it into one big action fest. I don't think all Sonic games should be like this one, but this was one experiment that worked.
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The Real Sonic 4?

Yes, yes or is. After rubber bands, pseudo-3D and stance objectives, fishing, bad camera, Omochao, random switching, gunplay, vehicles, a steaming pile of shit, automatic forward movement, insane difficulty, Rouge deprivation, Werewolves, button mashing, boring quests, swords, Rouge deprivation, another steaming pile of shit, we finally get the game of our dreams, Sonic Colors AKA Sonic4. It is practically perfect in every way.

The Gameplay:

Just like the original game, exept with RADICAL new abilities such as the homing attack, boost, spin dash, and more, thanks to the wisps and MIND BLOWING 3D sections.


Holy Crap, these kick ass!


It's so freaking good, it made it to iTunes! We especially love Planet Wisp Zone, although the final boss is great too.

Replay Value

You can get the Chaos Emeralds in the AMAZING multiplayer, and even go super.

Overall, Play It Loud!

Bought this used. Who'd be dumb or picky enough to sell it so soon?

Day one. First impressions:

  • Press Start and you're in — no cutscenes, no Walls Of Text, no screwing around... Zone 1, Act 1, GO. F__king OLD SCHOOL. It says something about newer Sonic entries that they stopped doing this. Equally significant that they've now returned to it.

  • Story a little thin? Same could be said of the first few Genesis games: "Eggman/Robotnik experiments on defenseless creatures, wants to rule the world, stop him." Do you need more than that? None of the usual extraneous junk.

  • My wife hasn't played a new Sonic since the Genesis died. First time she's heard any of these characters speak... she thinks the voices are perfect. IMHO, Roger Craig Smith is getting the short end of the stick; I think it's a leap forward for characterization — where past Sonic actors have overemphasized either the "hero/nice guy" or "cocky bastard" aspects of his character, RCS manages to strike a good balance between the two.

  • Script: Sega has seen that their recent approach doesn't work — thinking a series about a BLUE HEDGEHOG WHO CAN TOP SEVEN HUNDRED MILES PER HOUR ON FOOT needs to be taken seriously. This game is better for NOT taking itself seriously; the script was always going to be a little hammy... why not make it intentionally funny? Granted, most of it's grade-school humor, but that's fine; it's aimed at grade-schoolers. Most of us were that age when we first became Sonic fans. But however corny the story or the dialogue, clearly, some thought went into them.

  • Gameplay isn't unnecessarily brutal, either. Controls are intuitive enough for younger players, but the actual difficulty doesn't condescend any more than it has to. The game strikes a satisfactory balance between 3D and 2D, and manages seamless transitions between the two.

  • Graphics... Incredible. Probably one of the best-looking non-Nintendo games on the Wii. Mercifully, the design team have desisted from misguided efforts at "realism". Leave that limited-palette crap to Modern Warfare.

  • Sound? Hell, this is Earworm Grand Central. Maybe the best soundtrack of any Wii game ever. Just wish we had sliders in options, to keep Eggman's P.A. lines from being drowned out.

A Superb Addition to the Sonic Series

Okay, let's just throw this out of the way. Ever since 2004, the Sonic series has been in a pickle. While the handheld titles have been generally well-received, the console titles' reception have been... mixed at best, to say the least. Even the recently released Sonic The Hedgehog 4 has acquired quite a polarized reception. What's more important here, however, is this: Is Sonic Colors a good game? To that, I say: Yes.

Gameplay: Unlike almost every other 3D Sonic title, this game is all Sonic gameplay, all the time. Taking a cue from the HD versions of Sonic Unleashed's daytime levels, the gameplay consists of 2D side-scrolling areas intertwined with 3D behind-the-back areas. Instead of being a game where one must constantly move at high speeds to the goal, however, this game actually encourages you to take things slow and explore the levels. Aiding in this change in perspective are the much tighter controls, the less frequent and easier-to-execute QTE's, and the multiple routes, secret rooms and the Yoshi Coin-esque Special Rings scattered throughout the levels.

This game's main attraction, however, are the Wisps. The Wisps come in eight different colors, each adding to the gameplay in their own little way. Two personal favorites are the Yellow Drill Wisp and the Pink Spike Wisp, as they both best emphasize the exploration aspect of this game.

Story: Taking a cue from Super Mario Galaxy, the story takes place in space where, in a nutshell, Sonic and Tails must save the Wisps and free the planets from Dr. Eggman's control. The story as a whole is much better this time around thanks to its continuation of the lighthearted focus started by Sonic Unleashed, a well-made script courtesy of the same writers who did the story for Mad World and a vastly improved voice cast.

Music: In a word, superb. As always.

Overall: All in all, everything about this game is a huge improvement over the recent 3D Sonic games. The plot generally doesn't take itself seriously, there are no game-breaking glitches and the overall gameplay is actually pretty solid all the way through.

Recommendation: Buy.