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I've played both versions of Sonic Colors for the Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii and I feel this game is overrated.

First I will mention the things I liked, which is the graphics and the Sonic Unleashed Daytime styled gameplay. I also liked most of the music in the game, except for Speak With Your Heart which is cheesy.

The things I didn't like were the plot, the comedy, the voice acting, the DS version's length, and how overrated it is. It would have been better of the plot was an excuse plot like in Sonic Generations, mainly since there really wasn't a plot until Asteroid Coaster and by the time you are there the game's almost over. The comedy wasn't that funny and seemed kind of forced, I would have liked if they went the Sonic Unleashed comedic way. I liked how the DS version wasn't comedic at all. For voice acting I liked the 4Kids V As the most, but I liked some of the new voice acting more than the Adventure voice actors such as Sonic and Tails. The DS version has short length probably because it is based on Sonic Rush which does make sense, but it still felt short.

To be honest Sonic Unleashed and even Sonic 2006 were better games, not because they were in HD. But I haven't played the 360 version of either so when I do I'll post my reviews on those and see which are better.


To be honest Sonic Unleashed and even Sonic 2006 were better games

Please dear GOD could you qualify that statement
comment #16234 JackAlsworth 23rd Sep 12
I actually liked Sonic Colors more than Sonic Generations. Sonic Colors was lacking but I don't think it was "bad".
comment #16235 son 23rd Sep 12
I don't like the plot, the comedy, or the voice acting either, but I still loved the game. You even said you liked the gameplay, so I find it strange that you dislike the game based on plot.
comment #16246 BonsaiForest 24th Sep 12
You don't like the game for superifical nevermind the fact it has good gameplay. The MOST important part of a GAME.
comment #16247 qtjinla15 24th Sep 12
The plot can be ignored, I think. You even admitted the game also looks and sounds good. It looks good, has great music, and is fun to play. The silly story is not important to me.

Why do you like Sonic Unleashed and Sonic 2006 better? You have the right to your opinion of course, but I'm interested in why. (I also enjoyed both games, and I prefer their stories, but gameplay-wise, I'd prefer Sonic Colors)
comment #16258 BonsaiForest 25th Sep 12
Things I like about Sonic Colors:

Graphics, Music, Gameplay

Things I don't like about Sonic Colors:

Everything else

I guess this would make more sense then.
comment #16643 SonicBlazikPlatinum 26th Oct 12
So, you essentially don't like the plot? The one thing that matters the least in Sonic Games, which has proven true from the beloved classics which essentially had no plot.
comment #16664 qtjinla15 26th Oct 12
Oh my God, you're one of those people who wants Sonic the Hedgehog to have the writing quality of Portal. Sonic has ALWAYS been corny and forced; Playing a Sonic game for the plot is like playing Earth Bound for the graphics. It's the least important thing there.
comment #16907 lovermother 19th Nov 12
You know what? I can see where you're coming from when you say you dislike a Sonic game based on its story. Earlier 3D Sonic games undeniably had HUGE problems with their gameplay, but every Sonic game followed the Rule of Cool through its cinematics. That's partially (if not the sole reason) why a good portion of the fanbase regards Sonic Adventure 2 as a "classic" because of its "epic" (though plothole-full) plot. So I can see why you might not prefer the more comedic direction Sonic Colors went.

...that being said, however, GAMEPLAY is what truly matters the most. To say that Sonic Unleashed (as much of a Guilty Pleasure it is) and Sonic 2006 are better games because of a more serious story is bad enough, but saying that before flat-out admitting that you haven't even played the latter two really doesn't make this review credible at all. Especially if the "serious" storylines of earlier 3D Sonic games end up being MORE comedic than Color's storyline due to Narm voice acting and plotholes.
comment #16975 ACertainSomebody 25th Nov 12
If you don't talk about the gameplay that much, you don't go into much detail why this game is overrated.
comment #17655 Awesomekid42 12th Jan 13
This game is overrated because it's overrated.

The plot of other Sonic games were absolute crap, so getting rid of it seems like the best option.
comment #17782 mariofan1000 20th Jan 13
This guy didn't elaborate at all.
comment #17784 Awesomekid42 20th Jan 13
Also, nearly all of the classic Sonic games had rather simple plot. And do you really mean to tell me that no Sonic games other than this had bad voice acting? Sonic Adventure, and Adventure 2 had some of the worst voice acting in the series, but they're two of the best games in the series. The comedy is just personal opinion, but that wouldn't effect how good a game is, it's just a side detail.
comment #20819 Awesomekid42 23rd Aug 13
Saying "Sonic 2006 [was] better" than anything is one hell of a bold claim.
comment #23903 CaptHayfever 17th Apr 14
Stopped reading when you said you liked th 4Kids V As the most.
comment #23922 BloodRawKnuckle 18th Apr 14

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