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Reviews Comments: Meh Sonic Colors game review by Devious Recital

Colours was released during a time where it seemed like Sonic's Dork Age was finally starting to end. Those hopes seemed to have been shot by the apparently disappointing Sonic 4 (I didn't see what was so awful about it) until we got this game a few weeks later. And The Fandom Rejoiced. It's been about a year now, so does it hold up now that the new game smell's worn off?

Sort of.

Taking a cue from Sonic Heroes (my favorite 3D Sonic game), this game lightened up in tone of its plot, and I think that works to its advantage. Sonic's character works better with this kind of plot than with other kinds. It has also thinned out, allowing players to get on with the gameplay faster.

Has the gameplay improved any from Unleashed? No. It's the same thing, sans Werehog. Sonic can also now double jump, but it's difficult to control and usually doesn't add much. This game's resident gimmick are wisps. I've only played the console version, which has Drill (you dig underground, which controls like the rockets in Sonic Rush's Dead Line zone), Laser (angle yourself and reflect off crystals), Rocket (pretty much just a spring that lets you skydive), Hover (self-explanatory, adds light dash), Spike (allows sticking to walls and powerful spindash), and Frenzy (you become a monster which eats things and controls like ass in 3D). There's also white wisps, which are the only thing in the game that allows you to boost. Wisps work well as a gimmick, though some definitely could have been put to better use. Rocket feels pointless, and Hover is far too slow.

Level design is pretty much the exact opposite of Unleashed. Now, instead of too little platforming, there's too much. The majority of the game is in 2D instead of 3D, and what 3D there is feels like pointless straightaways. The platforming is overabundant, speed restrictive, and feels like it'd be more suited to Mario than Sonic. The white wisps are sparse enough to where you never feel like you have enough boost as well.

Graphics are gorgeous for Wii, however. The level thematics are fantastic, especially Planet Wisp. This being a Sonic game, the music is as good as it gets, and the new voice actors perform their roles extremely well. The problem as I see it is that it doesn't make me care enough to play again.


  • FinalStarman
  • 19th Apr 12
I actually thought the double jump, while not adding much height, was sufficiently useful for when I juuust miss a platform. But yeah, not enough 3D running in comparison to Sonic Unleashed and the Frenzy wisp kinda sucked.

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