Reviews: Naruto Genkyouien

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Do Not Want

First thing first, It's well written, and some of the humor is good, and the sexual scenes are pretty.

But that's about it.

The OC Stand In (If you can even call that, they basically Expies and Captain Ersatz of someone else outside Naruto fanchise) quickly rob the spotlight.

Character bashing a plenty, and Naruto is even more of a Butt Monkey than canon. Everyone's suffering, all caused by the fox spirit, played for laughs. This, includes almost being killed and losing your only home. This is basically Harsher In Hindsight : the Fanfic

And the Fox Spirit still portrayed as if they're the only righteous people, if you can call them that. Karma Houdini at it's finest, and there' more than one of them.

So if you want to enjoy the story, shut your brain. Recite MST 3 K mantra all the way, else you'll get offended VERY QUICKLY.

from comments/nombretomado

  • There are some issues I have with this fic. Several plot points and main characters are ripped directly from other stories and fiction that have absolutely nothing to do with Naruto and do not contribute anything towards the mood of the story. How Kotonoha and Setsuna from School Days became kitsune is beyond me. The same feeling towards how apparently the Hyuuga bloodline is forged off a very busty kitsune and is dedicated to busty women, while the Uchiha like flat chests and worship them. Oh, and for no reason that would have mattered up to this point, Tenten is a magical girl. These shout outs have almost no contribution and fit extremely poorly with the other moods of this story. However, the author has managed to make a convincing case with the rivalry between Kotonoha and Setsuna over Makoto, who is still in the gym bag. My god... Everything else however, fails to make sense or fit in at all with the rest of the somber or light mood like everything else. Keep this in mind and if these shout outs don't sound right in a Naruto fic, you may have to pass down what is otherwise a story that captures the mood of Naruto like fish to water.
    • (A warning to mods and stuff, this doesn't depict full sex, but some of the act is shown and the aftermath. Does that warrant a nuke for Naruto being far less than 16 by story start? (End of Chuunin Exam Preliminaries). Also, in Chapter 23, a very good example of what I mean by showing part of sex is present. (Scene 29) )

Read this.

Read this fanfiction. Why? It's comedic (as in you will fall out of your seat clutching your stomach from laughing so hard), filled to the brim with sexual references (and almost lemon scenes), and yet behind it all lies an interesting story that pops up at the most random of times.

I completely and utterly suggest anyone with a sense of humor to read this story.