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Let's Break it Down: Total Drama Letterz
Hello, Soulful Ginger 17 here! Coming at you live for the first installment in my review series: Let's Break it Down. This week's installment, a personal favorite of mine: Total Drama Letterz.

Coming in as the Spiritual Successor to the popular Total Drama Alphabet (which I personally disliked), Total Drama Letterz was a huge hit. The contestants were all memorable, the challenges were fun, and the it maintained the series' trademark tongue-in-cheek humor. Let's brake it down:

Summary: An alternate second season, where Chris Mclean has selected 26 teens (well, 24 teens and 2 pre-teens). In alphabetical order we have Andy, Barney, Carlton, Daisy, Eleanor, Fifi, Gary, Hector, Irene, Jimmy, Kasimar, Lavender, Mable, Nakia, Oscar, Patch, Quana, Raven, Spider, Tabitha, Uzuri, Vinnie, Wallace, Xaria, Yessica and Zita. For the next four weeks, on a daily basis, the gang compete to stay in the game for the grand prize of $1,000,000.

Pros: As listed above, the humor is good, the contestants each do their part in the story, the challenges were unique and in addition the pacing, while sluggish at first, gets much better.

Cons: The protagonists (with a few exceptions) were cookie-cutter goody-goods, while the villains were mostly one-note jerks (again with some exceptions). The teams were no prize either. One team has all the "good guys", one has all the anti-heroes and antagonists, and one team has all the good characters that are taken out by the Devil in Plain Sight. The merge was a bit slow in quality, at first, with the votes routinely screwy.

Overall: While it has it's flaws, the story is solid. It was well-written, well-paced and well-done.

Grade: On a scale of 1-10, I give Total Drama Letterz an 8.9.

Well, until next time, ja ne, and thanks for reading! -Soulful Ginger 17
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