Reviews: Total Drama Letterz

My Personal Opinion - Total Drama Letterz

Okay, so after a long time I finally got around to reading Total Drama Letterama and I have read a little of the original so far, but I want to add my own opinion the series to...I don't know who the hell will ACTUALLY read my review or whatever, but I want to let people see (if they bother to read it) what they could possibly be reading opinon will be based on the series in general.

Lets start with the pros, first - all of the characters are VERY in depth (excluding the first/second boots), they all individual back stories and personalities and they all bounce off each other very well, and the fact that you can actually be attached to these characters, while Total Drama has one or shows that the writer knows what he is doing, the stories (from both seasons) are phenomenal, as I said before we get to divulge into every character's story in sub plots which DO have relevance to the main plot, it makes it all very well tied in together, also this stories shows some very teen related themes that that main series itself has not tackled, like sexuality, parental abuse, bullying (yes, there is bullying in Total Drama, but this takes it up to a completely different level), etc...and it really makes the series shine in general, and now that I've gotten all of that out of the way, lets start with the negatives.

While some may see this as a nitpick (and I'll admit, it sort of is), I did bother me a lot as I was reading so I need to bring it up - the fact that all of the beliefs of the writer, while I do find this cute sometimes, it did bother me with the constant mentioning of "Twilight sucks", because there were so many jokes made out of Twilight - it genuinely annoyed me, also the constant pop culture references of cartoons, video games, and books, there were so many pop culture references while the author tried to make it seem like the real world, but it felt to come up at very unnatural moments and to me it drew away from the character's individuality...maybe that is just me, but that was just my own opinion, second, while suspense can be built at times - there is a lack of suspense when something were obvious, such as who was winning Total Drama Letterz, which everybody knew like around episode three, which was a big disappointment.

The TDL series is an amazing series, but overall it can still patch up things.

Let's Break it Down: Total Drama Letterz

Hello, Soulful Ginger 17 here! Coming at you live for the first installment in my review series: Let's Break it Down. This week's installment, a personal favorite of mine: Total Drama Letterz.

Coming in as the Spiritual Successor to the popular Total Drama Alphabet (which I personally disliked), Total Drama Letterz was a huge hit. The contestants were all memorable, the challenges were fun, and the it maintained the series' trademark tongue-in-cheek humor. Let's brake it down:

Summary: An alternate second season, where Chris Mclean has selected 26 teens (well, 24 teens and 2 pre-teens). In alphabetical order we have Andy, Barney, Carlton, Daisy, Eleanor, Fifi, Gary, Hector, Irene, Jimmy, Kasimar, Lavender, Mable, Nakia, Oscar, Patch, Quana, Raven, Spider, Tabitha, Uzuri, Vinnie, Wallace, Xaria, Yessica and Zita. For the next four weeks, on a daily basis, the gang compete to stay in the game for the grand prize of $1,000,000.

Pros: As listed above, the humor is good, the contestants each do their part in the story, the challenges were unique and in addition the pacing, while sluggish at first, gets much better.

Cons: The protagonists (with a few exceptions) were cookie-cutter goody-goods, while the villains were mostly one-note jerks (again with some exceptions). The teams were no prize either. One team has all the "good guys", one has all the anti-heroes and antagonists, and one team has all the good characters that are taken out by the Devil in Plain Sight. The merge was a bit slow in quality, at first, with the votes routinely screwy.

Overall: While it has it's flaws, the story is solid. It was well-written, well-paced and well-done.

Grade: On a scale of 1-10, I give Total Drama Letterz an 8.9.

Well, until next time, ja ne, and thanks for reading! -Soulful Ginger 17